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  UFOs  ·  UFOs Top Ten  ·  UFOs UK & Ireland  ·  UFOs US  ·  UFOs World  ·  Uganda & Ugandans  ·  Ukraine & Ukrainains  ·  Unborn  ·  Under Ground & Underground  ·  Underground Bases  ·  Underground Trains & Stations  ·  Understand & Understanding  ·  Unemployment & Unemployed  ·  Unhappy  ·  Unicorn  ·  Uniform  ·  Unite & Unity  ·  United Arab Emirates  ·  United Kingdom  ·  United Nations  ·  United States Early - 1899  ·  United States of America  ·  United States of America 1900 - Date  ·  Universe I  ·  Universe II  ·  University  ·  Uranium  ·  Uranus  ·  Urim & Thummim  ·  Urine  ·  Usury & Usurer  ·  Utah  ·  Utopia  ·  Uzbekistan  

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40,808.  We’ve found a flying saucer!  (Science Fiction Films & UFO)  The Thing from Another World 1951 starring Margaret Sheridan & Kenneth Tobey & Robert Cornthwaite & Douglas Spencer & James Young & Dewey Martin & William Self & James Arness & Paul Frees et al, director Christian Nyby, geezer


40,811.  Watch the skies.  Everywhere.  Keep looking.  Keep watching the sky.  (Science Fiction Films & UFO)  ibid.  journalist



3,718.  Travelling alongside Apollo 11 was a mysterious object ... If the object wasn’t part of Apollo’s rocket, it could be only one thing – a UFO.  (Moon & UFO)  First on the Moon: The Untold Story


3,719.  Despite having a clear view of the UFO the crew were wary of reporting it to mission control ... To this day whatever it was the crew saw has never been positively identified or officially acknowledged.  (Moon & UFO)  ibid.



8,428.  No-one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched, keenly and closely, by intelligences greater than man’s.  Who regarded this Earth with envious eyes.  Slowly and surely drawing their plans against us.  (Alien & UFO)  H G Wells, The War of the Worlds


8,429.  How can I describe it?  A monstrous tripod striding over the pine trees, smashing them aside.  A walking engine of glittering metal, articulate ropes of steel writhing from it, and the clattering tumult of its passage mingling with the riot of fumbling.  (Alien & UFO)  ibid.



7,928.  Operation Mainbrace Western Europe 14-25 September 1952 NATO training exercise: the sightings were to produce a radical change in the Ministry of Defence’s attitude to unidentified objects.  (UFO & Operations)  UFOs: The Untold Story II


7,929.  RAF Topcliffe, England 19th September 1952 & USS Franklin D Roosevelt 20th September 1952 … there are sightings from both military ships and Royal Air Force personnel.  ibid.


7,930.  RAF Little Rissington, England 21st October 1952: three flying saucers.  ibid.



3,728.  Several crews saw objects.  (Moon & UFO)  David Baker, Apollo 11 senior scientist



3,839.  Why did NASA repeatedly fake lunar images and photographs?  Why did NASA stage lunar expeditions which did not happen?  The answer will surprise you.  It can be summarised in two words: Money and UFOS.  (Moon Landing Conspiracy & NASA & Photograph & UFO)  Chris Everard, Secret Space


3,845.  NASA’s investment in studying UFOs on the moon was money well spent.  Two ex-NASA mission specialists exposed in the 1970s that NASA astronauts had informed mission control that they had seen alien space-ships on the lunar surface.  (Moon Landing Conspiracy & Alien & UFO & NASA)  ibid. 


7,746.  Astronaut John Glenn reported UFOs like ‘fireflies’ to mission control; astronaut Scott Carpenter reported ‘critters’ to mission control; astronaut Story Musgrave filmed a ‘space serpent’ on two occasions; NASA’ astronaut Cady Coleman reported a UFO.  ibid.



7,747.  More than twenty space-shuttle missions have returned from space with video footage of unidentified flying objects ... Since the 1950s more than fifteen NASA astronauts have reported UFOs to mission control.   Chris Everard, Secret Space II


7,748.  If you study the legends of the North American shamans, the mythologies of ancient Europe, the creation histories of the Australian Aborigines, or the ancient Vadic texts of India, and especially the Sumerian clay tablets from ancient Iraq, we find that all great civilisations on the face of planet Earth tell one similar story: that is in the distant past people from the stars visited planet Earth and displayed fantastic technology.  Sometimes they genetically engineered humans.  Sometimes they directly interbred with humans.  These so-called sky-gods always visited in spectacular flying vehicles. 


These pearls of the sky are mentioned in ancient Tibetan scriptures.  More than one leading Tibetan author suspects that these spherical UFOs are actually alien probes monitoring the evolution of mankind.  ibid.  (UFO & Alien & Ancient Astronaut Theory & Anunnaki & Nephilim)  ibid.


7,749.  British author Matthew Hurley has collected dozens of pieces of ancient art which all show UFOs and aliens.  In addition to dozens of paintings there are also hand-printed newsletters from the medieval era which report UFOs, luminous balls of lights and even an alien invasion in the Mediterranean.  According to a medieval manuscript in 1608 reptilian aliens landed on the shores of Genoa and Nice, causing panic and fear among the inhabitants.  (UFO & Alien)  ibid.


7,750.  Genoa was the home town of Christopher Columbus.  On October 11th 1492 whilst halfway across the Atlantic on his voyage to discover America Columbus saw a UFO and recorded the event in his ship’s log.  At the same time Columbus recorded a UFO hovering above the Atlantic sea, the Aztec civilisation of Central America carved figurines of men with reptilian bodies.  (UFO & Alien & Aztec & Reptile Conspiracies)  ibid. 



7,687.  And we were only out of the car maybe more than a minute at the most, and all of a sudden just north of us the cloud began to open up ... the size that the moon would appear in the night-time sky, two white glowing objects came in very slow – they were not flying as such, they appeared to be electronically or magnetically floating.  And as they floated overhead five more came in behind them, and at that point they radiated a fear off of them, and you could feel it.  Jordan Maxwell, televised interview



7,688.  Have We Visitors From Space?  (UFO & Alien)  Life magazine, 1950s article (Marilyn Monroe front cover)



7,689.  Why would they appear only to cranks and weirdos?  Professor Stephen Hawking, TED lecture ‘Asking Big Questions about the Universe’



7,690.  This subject has more to do I think with religion and superstition than with science ... All there are are stories.  Professor Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan, Cosmos: Encyclopedia Galactica 1979



7,691.  What does all this stuff about flying saucers amount to?  What can it mean?  What is the truth?  Let me have a report at your convenience.  Winston Churchill, 1952 memo M.412/52 to Lord Cherwell, Secretary of State for Air



7,695.  This event should be immediately classified as it would create mass panic among the general population, and destroy one’s belief in the Church.  Ministry of Defence war-time report received and classified by Winston Churchill



7,692.  Top 5 UFO Sightings: 1)  Hat-shaped object (1990) reportedly seen by 10,000,000 people; 2) Oval-shaped object (1954-2001) 6,500,000 reported sightings; 3)  Cigar-shaped object (1967-1998) 1,300,000 reports; 4)  Bright luminous object (1963-1984) 109,000 reports; 5)  Formation of Lights (1950) 100,000 reports.  Ripleys Believe It Or Not! 2006



7,693.  I never have tried to identify what I saw.  It was, you know, a light in the western sky that was very unique ... I’ve never seen it before.  There were about twenty of us who saw it.  Jimmy Carter, National Enquirer interview 1976