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40,808.  We’ve found a flying saucer!  (Science Fiction Films & UFO)  The Thing from Another World 1951 starring Margaret Sheridan & Kenneth Tobey & Robert Cornthwaite & Douglas Spencer & James Young & Dewey Martin & William Self & James Arness & Paul Frees et al, director Christian Nyby, geezer


40,811.  Watch the skies.  Everywhere.  Keep looking.  Keep watching the sky.  (Science Fiction Films & UFO)  ibid.  journalist



3,718.  Travelling alongside Apollo 11 was a mysterious object ... If the object wasn’t part of Apollo’s rocket, it could be only one thing – a UFO.  (Moon & UFO)  First on the Moon: The Untold Story


3,719.  Despite having a clear view of the UFO the crew were wary of reporting it to mission control ... To this day whatever it was the crew saw has never been positively identified or officially acknowledged.  (Moon & UFO)  ibid.



8,428.  No-one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched, keenly and closely, by intelligences greater than man’s.  Who regarded this Earth with envious eyes.  Slowly and surely drawing their plans against us.  (Alien & UFO)  H G Wells, The War of the Worlds


8,429.  How can I describe it?  A monstrous tripod striding over the pine trees, smashing them aside.  A walking engine of glittering metal, articulate ropes of steel writhing from it, and the clattering tumult of its passage mingling with the riot of fumbling.  (Alien & UFO)  ibid.



8,037.  Rendlesham England 26th December 1980: on a high-security US Air Base bizarre events are unfolding.  An unknown object caught on radar, mysterious lights in the forest, and the strange experience of two Air Force security guards.  The Rendlesham Forest incident is one of the most mysterious of all UFO tales.  (UFOs & UFOs Top Ten)  UFOs: The Untold Stories s1e1: New Evidence


8,038.  Just two nights later the mysterious lights were back.  (UFOs & UFOs Top Ten)  ibid.


8,039.  ‘We just stood there in awe.’  (UFOs & UFOs Top Ten)  ibid.  Halt


8,040.  Halt wrote an official report of the night.  (UFOs & UFOs Top Ten)  ibid.  


8,415.  Venice, Italy 17th August 1936: an extraordinary sighting of three Unidentified Flying Objects sends the Italian Air Force into a state of panic.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,416.  The huge craft hovered over the Venetian skyline.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,417.  ‘But suddenly both the flying spindle and the two spheres zoomed away at rapid speed.’  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.  researcher


8,408.  Central Sweden 15th September 1952: 11.30 p.m. a young office clerk and his mother witness two UFOs hovering in the skies above their home.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.



8,395.  Hessdalen Valley: In the early 1980s hundreds of UFOs are spotted flying over the landscape.  Over a two year period the objects dart across the sky more than twenty times a week.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  UFOs: The Untold Stories s1e2


8,396.  They are detected by radar moving at incredibly speeds but what are they?  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,397.  The Hessdalen phenomena continue to be seen to this day.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,319.  9th November 1979 Livingston Scotland 10.30 a.m. in a lonely Scottish woodland 61-year-old forestry worker Bob Taylor has an astonishing encounter … ‘In front of him was this massive big dome-shaped object’ ... Smaller balls rolled toward him.  This is the only British UFO incident ever investigated by the police as a criminal assault.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


117,216.  ‘The police went to the site and they found a series of mysterious marks on the ground.’  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.  researcher


117,217.  They [rozzers] also had a vital piece of tangible evidence under analysis: the torn pants.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


117,218.  Bob Taylor’s character was never in doubt.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


8,406.  17th June 1977 Tancos Airbase Portugal: a routine flight for Jose Francisco Rodriguez, a pilot in the Portuguese air force … One of Europe’s most extraordinary UFO encounters … At 2,000 feet Rodriguez is face to face with something completely inexplicable: ‘at eleven o’clock there was a big round-shaped dark object about twelve to fifteen metres wide’ … As the UFO disappears, his plane begins to vibrate violently.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.



8,382.  Coulommiers France 28th January 1994: A flight bound for London carrying twenty-four passengers encounters an incredible sight: a huge brown object several miles away from the aircraft hangs in the air.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  UFOs: The Untold Stories s1e3


8,383.  Military radar did track a UFO that day.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,381.  Billund, Jutland Denmark 29th September 1995: It’s around 9.30 on a Friday night … ‘This big big thing right over my car’ … Slowly the lights on the object dims and it moves away from the car and disappears over some trees.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,382.  The sighting seems to mirror an incident form a quarter of a century before: Haderslev, Jutland Denmark 13th August 1970: The policeman is driving home late one night when his car stalls, his radio dies, and all the electronics fail, above him appears an intense white light which is sucked up into an object before vanishing at great speed.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,404.  Evora, Portugal 2nd November 1959: unexplained glowing objects are seen flying over the town in broad daylight: dozens witness the strange site, but what follows is even stranger: a mysterious white substance – like cobwebs – reigns down over the town for almost four hours.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,405.  Similar reports of angel hair falling in various parts of Portugal dating back to 1857.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.



8,403.  Alfena, Portugal 10th September 1990: a group of children spot a strange UFO hovering just one hundred and fifty feet off the ground.  The sighting terrifies residents … Four photographs taken that day continue to defy explanation.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  UFOs: The Untold Stories s1e4


117,219.  The UFO is spotted by local construction workers.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


117,220.  Iconic photos were taken.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.  


7,928.  Operation Mainbrace Western Europe 14-25 September 1952 NATO training exercise … ‘A whole series of sightings of flying saucers’ … the sightings were to produce a radical change in the Ministry of Defence’s attitude to unidentified flying objects.  (UFOs & Operations & Nato)  ibid.


7,929.  RAF Topcliffe, England 19th September 1952 & USS Franklin D Roosevelt 20th September 1952 … there are sightings from both military ships and Royal Air Force personnel.  ibid.


7,930.  RAF Little Rissington, England 21st October 1952: Royal air force flight lieutenant Michael Sweeney is a highly experienced pilot examiner and trainer … The day he almost runs head-first into three flying saucers … ‘three circular white or off-white objects.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


117,221.  The UFOs had also been picked up by ground-controlled interception radar.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


117,222.  In a remote Romanian village a wedding is in full swing.  Suddenly a massive blackout brings the celebrations crashing to a halt.  When villagers go to investigate they are greeted by a surreal sight illuminating the night sky.  Nanesti Romania June 30th 2001: For nearly two hours the phenomenon sends strange beams of light down over the village before disappearing.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.



8,401.  In 1982 a young Air Force pilot is on a routine flight over central Portugal when suddenly he spots a fast-moving UFO.  But this is not a momentary sighting.  The pilot claims to have flown alongside the UFO for more than 25 minutes.  And his astonishing story is backed up by two further witnesses.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  UFOs: The Untold Stories s1e5


8,407.  Upon landing, the three pilots complete official reports into the incident and provide drawings of what they saw in the sky.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.  


8,400.  In 1980 a young couple were hiking near a lake in a remote corner of Sweden and a strange flying object performs a terrifying manoeuvre.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


8,402.  The Swedish government have been keeping secret UFO files on similar cases for 40 years … These mysterious craft become known as the Ghost Rockets.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.   


117,223.  The object dips and lands in the lake.  The craft soon disappears beneath the murky waters.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.  


8,392.  1978: In northern Italy two friends are fishing at a lake.  Suddenly, they are confronted with a strange phenomenon appearing on the horizon.  But this isn’t a one-off incident.  Over the next ten years dozens of similar sightings are reported.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid. 



8,302.  One of the UK’s most dramatic UFO cases occurs RAF Binbrook England 8th September 1970: American pilot captain Schaffner flies out over the north sea in search of an unidentified flying object then disappears without trace.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  UFOs: The Untold Stories s1e6


8,303.  Captain Schaffner makes visual contact and pushes on to make the interception … They’ve lost all contact with his aircraft.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


8,304.  His aircraft is later recovered but the body has vanished.  (UFOs & UFOs UK)  ibid.


88,386.  2004: a Sicilian fishing village experiences a series of shocking events: a fireball is observed shooting out of the ocean, and glowing UFOs are spotted moving across the horizon.  But events rapidly descend into chaos: over the space of weeks electrical appliances spontaneously combust causing a series of mysterious house fires.  The Italian government records more than 400 incidents in the village.  Residents are ordered to evacuate.  (Sicily & Fire & UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.  


88,387.  Canneto di Caronia, Sicily January 2004 4 am and a local fisherman is working in the bay.  Suddenly, a dazzling objects bursts through the waters but in seconds the object disappears … This sighting isn’t the first mysterious event to happen in the village.  ibid.


117,247.  So what are these strange fireballs?  (Sicily & Fire & UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.


88,388.  Even with no power supplied to Canneto the mysterious fires continue.  (Sicily & Fire & UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid. 


117,248.  Oldenburg Germany 30th July 1952: [Sergeant] Hughes takes off on a routine training flight … one of four aircraft from 20 Squadron … The object keeps perfect pace with Hughes’s plane … The UFO is confirmed on radar.  (UFOs & UFOs World)  ibid.