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  Kabbalah  ·  Kansas  ·  Kazakhstan  ·  Kelly, Grace Princess of Monaco  ·  Kennedy Dynasty  ·  Kennedy, John F (I)  ·  Kennedy, John F (II)  ·  Kennedy, Robert  ·  Kent  ·  Kentucky  ·  Kenya  ·  Ketamine  ·  Kidnap (I)  ·  Kidnap (II)  ·  Kidney  ·  Kill & Killer  ·  Kind & Kindness  ·  King  ·  King, Martin Luther  ·  Kingdom  ·  Kingdom of God  ·  Kiss  ·  Kissinger, Henry  ·  Knife & Knives  ·  Knights  ·  Knights Templar  ·  Knowledge  ·  Komodo Dragon  ·  Koran (I)  ·  Koran (II)  ·  Korea & Korean War  ·  Kosovo  ·  Kurds & Kurdistan  ·  Kuwait  ·  Kyrgyzstan  

★ Kabbalah

Kabbalah: see Jew & Freemasons & Illuminati & Secret Societies & Ordo Templi Orientis & Scientology & Knights Templar & Magic & Demon & Occult & Old Testament & God & Faith & Belief & Devil & Lucifer & Satan

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12,234.  The Kabbalah itself had some incredible links to the Ark.  (Ark of the Covenant & Kabbalah)  Philip Gardiner, The Ark, The Shroud & Mary, documentary & book, 2007



51,026.  The true name of Satan, the Kabbalists say, is that of Yahweh reversed, for Satan is not a black god.  Lucifer the Light Bearer!  Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness!  Lucifer, the Son of the Morning!  Is it he who bears the light?  Doubt it not.  (Devil & Satan & Lucifer & Kabbalah)  Aleister Crowley, Morals & Dogma



60,632.  Twenty years after Jerusalem was taken, the Dome of the Rock was seized by a group of warrior monks calling themselves the Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or more simply the Knights Templars.  In Jerusalem the Templars began to deviate further away from the practices of Christianity.  They learnt the secret arts of the Kabbalah, an ancient form of Jewish magic with its dark rights and rituals.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah & Jerusalem)  Shadows in Motion  



78,043.  The Kabbalah is a collection of magical Jewish texts which were given to mankind via psychic communion with a fallen angel ... one of a pantheon of so-called fallen angels who serve the light-bringer Lucifer.  The Kabbalah describes the many angels and demons who inhabit the spiritual realm.  The Kabbalah gives Kabbalists a road-map called the Tree of Life, which explains how to invoke and communicate with these powerful spirits.  The magical information in the Kabbalah originates from Babylon and Ancient Egypt at the time of the pharoahs.  Chris Everard, Illuminati vol II       


60,636.  The collection of texts called the Kabbalah were eventually transcribed by Rabbi Isaac the Blind, in Provence in the South of France during the Twelfth Century.  For the first time in its six thousand year history, the ancient magic techniques of invoking fallen demonic angels and killing someone using the evil eye were put down on paper.  The Kabbalistic writings of Isaac the Blind fell into the hands of a group of nine French noblemen.  These noblemen became known as the Knights Templar.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah)  ibid.


54,132.  A golem is an artificially created humanoid usually made from dead human body parts, which is animated by the magician chanting incantations and mantras.  These magical voice sounds are what Kabbalists call Twilight Language.  (Golem & Kabbalah)  ibid.


60,637.  The Knights Templar arrived in Palestine with one main goal: to stop the Muslims from gaining any knowledge about the Kabbalah.  Historical Islamic oral accounts from the twelfth century testify to a sickening crusade of plunder, torture, murder and sexual depravity.  The Knights Templar once they had discovered the magical teachings of the Kabbalah were dedicated utterly to destroying its origin so that they might hold its secrets exclusively.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah)  ibid.   


60,638.  Many Knights Templar bribed their way out of prison and escaped to Scotland and the Mediterranean Island of Malta.  They first renamed themselves the Sovereign Knights of Malta.  And then after establishing trade routes to North America long before Christopher Columbus they re-emerged in Scotland calling themselves Freemasons.  All versions of freemasonry – Rosacrucianism, the Skull & Bones, the Palladian Right of freemasonry, Co-Masonry, Scottish Rite Masonry, the Ku Klux Klan, and Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis are derived from the original Kabbalistic rituals of the Knights Templar.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah)  ibid. 



60,639.  The so-called Crusades were perpetrated with the assistance of the Knights Templar.  Thousands of Islamic men, women and children were tortured and butchered whilst the Knights Templar ransacked holy places, and slaughtered in the name of Christ.  They were searching for ancient Kabbalistic texts, whilst practising a form of black magic, invoking spirits according to the teachings of King Solomon.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah)  Chris Everard, Illuminati III



60,640.  After two-hundred years of Kabbalistic magic, and bloodthirsty crusades, wantonly murdering children, women, and engaging in ritualised sodomy, the French Knights Templar were rounded up, tortured and executed.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah)  Chris Everard   



60,673.  The so-called Holy Grail is actually a set of higher magical teachings; it is not an object, but a piece of information.  Utterly Kabbalistic in its origin, the Holy Grail is the highest Kabbalistic secret.  That is that physical matter can be transformed molecule by molecule by the use of incantations of ancient Hebrew letters and numbers.  And that the nature of reality is really an illusion.  (Holy Grail & Kabbalah & Reality)  Chris Everard



78,044.  The Kabbalah is a collection of texts which are forbidden to be studied before the age of forty.  Kabbalistic texts describe the spirit world as the Yenne Velt.  The Kabbalah teaches that there are different invisible parallel universes which intersect our own reality.  Chris Everard, Spirit World II


50,695.  The highest secret of the Hebrew Kabbalah, Aleister Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis, and L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology Cults is that magical ritual can be used to contact not only angels and demons but also the spirits of extra-terrestrials who inhabit other parts of the universe.  (Scientology & Ordo Templi Orientis & Kabbalah & Occult & Secret Societies)  ibid.



60,647.  No matter how much they still maintained the external appearance of warrior Christian monks, among themselves they had secretly adopted the Kabbalist philosophy and way of life.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah & Freemasons)  The Knights Templar and Freemasonry   


60,648.  It emerged from these confessions that the Templars entirely rejected God and the theistic religions.  And that they were devoted to the perversion of devil-worship, these days known as Satanism.  They worshipped the goat-headed figure by the name of Baphomet, regarded as the source of evil in black magic.  The Order had continued its devil-worshipping ceremonies in the greatest secrecy for hundreds of years.  (Knights Templar & Kabbalah & Freemasonry & Satan & Baphomet)  ibid.   


60,649.  As well as freemasonry the Templars also established the Rose Croix organisation.  The main forcus of this organisation was alchemy and magic ... One of the most famous members of the Rose Croix was the English statesman and thinker Sir Francis Bacon, who was also a Grand Master of the English Templars.  Bacon set out the state structure of which the Templars dreamed in his book the New Atlantis.  The main aim of their work was to rule the world by using the mystical powers in Templar teaching.  (Knights Templar & Kabalah & Freemasonry & Rosicrucian)  ibid.  



67,349.  Kabbalists – and for them the secret of the universe is numbers.  (Civilisation & Kabbalah & Numbers)  James Burke, Connections s3e8: Fire from the Sky, BBC 1997



78,042.  I have found that at the very hard core of all these secret societies lurks the Kabbalah.  The Kabbalah is the ancient Jewish mysticism.  It is a method of encoding information through mathematics and numbers.  Bill Cooper, The Secret of the Ages



737.  The Kabbalah teaches that dead matter is not really dead but can be brought to life as a golem by chanting mantras ... We are living in an epoch of golem makers right now.  (Golem & Kabbalah)  Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel-Prize winning author



78,043.  It’s a system of sorcery, witch-craft and magic.  But Kabbalah comes all the way back from Babylon, and it was Babylonian magic of the worst kind.  (Kabbalah & Babylon)  Texe Marrs



78,044.  A combination of many occult disciplines – numerology, astrology, literally making the Hebrew alphabet into idols.  Texe Marrs



78,045.  I think I’m connecting to something that pre-dates religion.  Madonna 



78,046.  The Zohar is perhaps the most difficult of all Jewish texts to translate.  Most of its roughly two-thousand pages are in Aramaic, an obscure language that may have been used deliberately to further confound efforts to decipher it.  Decoding the Past s2e37: Secrets of the Kabbalah, History 2006


78,047.  Kabbalists believe that if they can understand the anatomy of the deity then they can learn how his power operates.  ibid.