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Korea & Korean War
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★ Korea & Korean War

Korea & Korean War: see South Korea & North Korea & US Empire & US Foreign Relations & Vietnam & War & Japan & Asia

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120,309.  Korea was arbitrarily divided along the 38th parallel … Neither was the war itself the organic result of decisions taken by the Korean people.  (War & Black Ops & False Flag Attacks & Lies & Hoax & Division & Korea)  The Corbett Report, Debunking a Century of War Lies, James Corbett online 2018   



128,690.  How is it that the Korean War escaped the protests which surrounded the war in Vietnam?  Everything we’ve come to love and cherish about Vietnam had its forerunner in Korea: the support of a corrupt tyranny, the atrocities, the napalm, the mass slaughter of civilians, the cities and villages laid to waste, the calculated management of the news, the sabotaging of peace talks.  But the American people were convinced that the war in Korea was an unambiguous case of one country invading another without provocation.  A case of the bad guys attacking the good guys who were being saved by the even better guys …  William Blum, Killing Hope: US Military & CIA Interventions Since World War I



116,040.  The United States is invading Korea; as US sailors and marines approach the shore and attempt a daring assault landing, Korean guns open fire and blast the American force.  But this is not the Korean war of the 1950s, the year is 1871.  (US Empire & US Foreign Relations & War & Korea)   In Search of History s4e1: America’s Forgotten Wars, History 1999



29,273.  Some 3-4 million Koreans lay dead.  (United States of America & US Empire & Korea)  Oliver Stones Untold History of the United States V: The 50s: Eisenhower, The Bomb & The Third World, Showtime 2012



94,742.  Military spending nearly quadrupled shortly after, on the pretext that the invasion of South Korea was the first step in the Kremlin conquest of the world - despite the lack of compelling evidence, then or now, for Russian initiative in this phase of the complex struggle over the fate of Korea.  (South Korea & Korea & Cold War)  Noam Chomsky, Deterring Democracy



78,355.  The Korean War broke out in 1950 and was described by the journalist James Cameron as a prep-school for Vietnam.  It was a racist war and many correspondents were under instructions to play down the suffering of the Korean people.  Instead, the war was reported by and large like the world war that had proceeded it – as a boys-own annual sage of good versus evil.  John Pilger, Frontline – In Search of Truth in Wartime, ITV 1983



78,356.  There are certain facts and stories from Korea that editors and publishers have printed which were pure fabrication.  Many of us who sent the stories knew they were false but we had to write them because they were official releases even though the people responsible knew they were true.  Robin C Miller, editor United Press



78,358.  Over the scene of silent desolation crept a reassuring smell that immediately took me back to Sunday dinners in Britain.  The smell of roast pork, for that’s what a Napalmed human being looks like.  Rene Cutforth, BBC, dispatch never used



78,359.  The prisoners are roped and manacled.  They are compelled to crouch in pools of garbage.  They clamber into trucks with a numb air of men going to their death; many of them are.  James Cameron, correspondent Picture Post with photographer Bert Hardy



78,360.  Korea and Vietnam were torn up like rags into half-communist half-capitalist countries.  And became the playing field for phoney war games between the bankster super-powers.  The lives of 4,000,000 Korean civilians and 33,000 American soldiers were sacrificed in the Korean war, bringing the banisters another step closer to world domination.  (Korea & Vietnam & US Empire)  Ring of Fire



78,361.  All of North Korea is a jail.  Kim Y Sam



78,362.  I’ve been arguing this for months.  This is not our war.  This is not a war we should be in.  Australia’s better spending its time negotiating with North Korea.  John Hewson 



78,363.  I shall make that trip.  I shall go to Korea.  Dwight D Eisenhower



78,367.  Korea was partitioned at the 38th Parallel by the Soviet Union and United States at the end of World War II.  Secrets of War s4e10: Korea – Stalin’s Secret Air War, History 1998


78,368.  Air power was the only available option.  Then Truman committed at MacArthur's recommendation.  ibid.


78,369.  Within ninety days South Korea was restored to its status before the invasion.  ibid.


78,370.  Stalin did not live to see the results of the secret war he’d begun three years earlier.  ibid.



78,364.  The 38th Parallel: still a world divided.  Hostility and land mines continue to separate the ever watchful North and South Koreans.  Secrets of War s8e4: Korea, History 1998


78,365.  Both Stalin and Mao wanted to end the war before the nuclear threat was issued.  ibid.


78,366.  A permanent peace treaty was never agreed to.  ibid.



102,545.  In North Korea one American experienced the Cold War like no other.  An outsider isolated in the most inaccessible anti-American country in the world.  (North Korea & Korea)  North Korea: Crossing the Line, BBC 2006


102,546.  In 1962 a US soldier sent to guard the peace in South Korea undertook an extraordinary journey.  At the height of the Cold War he deserted his unit, walked across the most heavily fortified area on Earth and defected to an alien communist state: North Korea.  The existence of an American defector living in the heart of the Cold War enemy was denied for decades by the US and North Korean governments.  A coveted star of the propaganda machine this man has ingratiated himself.  (North Korea & Korea) ibid.


102,547.  ‘I never regretted it … I feel at home.’  (North Korea & Korea)  ibid.


102,548.  The Korean War … had never ended.  The Armistice had established a demilitarised zone, a DMZ 2.5 mile deep buffer filled with land mines.  (North Korea & Korea)  ibid. 


102,549.  Private Abshier’s defection in May 1962 was the first by an American since the Korean war … Three GIs had now defected to the communists in 18 months: Abshier, Dresnok, Parrish … In January 1965 Sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins … took his M14 rifle to North Korea.  (North Korea & Korea)  ibid.



104,009.  In 1953 after a brutal war Korea lay divided between the Capitalist South backed by the Western powers and the Communist North under Kim Il-Sung allied to the Soviet Union and China.  The two sides were left facing each other across the most heavily armed border in the world.  Locked in a tense military stand-off, they began to compete by other means.  (North Korea & Korea & Kidnap)  Storyville: North Korean Kidnap: The Lovers and the Despot, BBC 2017, caption



109,756.  The superpowers have taken their fight to the skies above Korea.  (Cold War & Korea)  Cold War Armageddon, Discovery 2017



115,838.  Korea: An ancient mountain kingdom.  A land divided by conflict.  But in the natural world there is another side to Korea.  In the south are pockets of untouched wilderness, rich habitats, with extraordinary creatures, and spectacular natural events.  A place where nature and mankind have lived in harmony for centuries.  This is Korea.  (South Korea & Korea)  South Korea: Earth’s Hidden Wilderness, BBC 2018


115,839.  In the central region are lush temperate forests.  Further south, these give way to fertile wetlands.  (South Korea & Korea)  ibid.  



116,228.  Korean September 1950: In Korea the Cold War is heating up.  The communist North’s invasion of the South challenges the newly formed UN, forcing its leaders to draw lines in the sand.  Edge of War s1e2: MacArthur’s Great Gamble, 2012  


116,229.  The covert operation that helped take an army by surprise, the counterstrike that exploded the Korean War.  ibid.


116,230.  Within two months the UN force is completely cornered in Pusan in the bottom of the peninsula.  ibid.


116,231.  Operation Chromite: To launch a counter-attack and cut the North Korean army off from their supply lines, selecting the port of Inchon … The spy and his team working behind military lines.  (Korea & Operations)  ibid. 



117,773.  On the banks of this river in Korea in 1951 America, Britain and their United Nations allies were locked in a battle with tens of thousands of communist troops.  What moved the allies to cross the world to fight here in Korea only five years after the bloodshed of the Second World War was their drive to stop communism spreading further.  (Battle & Korea)  Peter and Dan Snow, 20th Century Battlefields s1e3: 1951 Korea, BBC 2013


117,774.  The Korean war was waged by men from 24 different countries around the world.  (Battle & Korea)  ibid.



118,675.  1910: Japan colonises the country … decades of suffering are about to begin.  (Dictator & Totalitarianism & North Korea & Korea)   Dictators Rulebook s1e1: Kim Il-sung, National Geographic 2018


118,676.  By 1948 the Soviets are convinced Kim has a firm hold on the country and they begin to pull out.  (Dictator & Totalitarianism & North Korea & Korea)  ibid.


118,677.  Kim invades South Korea … a major miscalculation.  (Dictator & Totalitarianism & North Korea & Korea)  ibid.



120,480.  100,000 Americans and countless allies in Korea and Vietnam were killed by our own technology.  Nothing less.  (Korea & Vietnam)  Anthony Sutton, lecture 1973, National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union