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Kidnap (I)
  Kabbalah  ·  Kansas  ·  Kazakhstan  ·  Kelly, Grace, Princess of Monaco  ·  Kennedy Dynasty  ·  Kennedy, John F (I)  ·  Kennedy, John F (II)  ·  Kennedy, John F (III)  ·  Kennedy, Robert  ·  Kent  ·  Kentucky  ·  Kenya & Kenyans  ·  Ketamine  ·  Kidnap (I)  ·  Kidnap (II)  ·  Kidney  ·  Kill & Killer  ·  Kind & Kindness  ·  King  ·  King, Martin Luther  ·  Kingdom  ·  Kingdom of God  ·  Kiss  ·  Kissinger, Henry  ·  Knife & Knives  ·  Knights  ·  Knights Templar  ·  Knowledge  ·  Komodo Dragon  ·  Koran (I)  ·  Koran (II)  ·  Korea & Korean War  ·  Kosovo  ·  Kurds & Kurdistan  ·  Kuwait & Kuwaitis  ·  Kyrgyzstan  

★ Kidnap (I)

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Joy McKinney, former Miss Wyoming, joined the Morg [Mormons] from the Appalachians.  Her first devout act was to try and get off with Wayne Osmond.  Rebuffed, she started a relationship with Kirk Anderson.  When Kirk tried to end the affair, Joy stalked him around the US and harassed him so seriously he requested a posting overseas.  The Morg’s response was to send him on a mission (where Hamlet was sent in the throes of madness) to England.


Joy hired a private detective, tracked him down and descended on London in tow with a young Keith May who seems to have been besotted with the free-wheeling Joy.


Naturally, Joy and Keith threatened Kirk with replica guns, bundled him into a car and carted him to a rented cottage, where he was held captive for three days.  The London Evening News of 23rd November 1977 reported the committal proceedings at Epsom Magistrates court:


‘A young Mormon missionary told today how an ex-beauty queen kidnapped him and then made love to him while he was chained to a bed in a lonely cottage.


‘Kirk Anderson, 21, said the girl, Joy McKinney, and her friend, Keith May, tied down his arms and legs with leather straps, padlocks, chains and rope, so that he was spreadeagled.


‘May then left the room while Miss McKinney tore off his blue silk pyjamas.


‘“She grabbed my pyjamas from just around my neck and tore them from my body.  The chains were tight and I could not move.  She proceeded to have intercourse.  I did not want it to happen.  I was very upset.”’


Joy McKinney was a tabloid star.  Suddenly, little Britain discovered Mormon Big Love.  Joy lapped the attention and London loved her.  At a bail hearing, when it is not normally necessary to give evidence, Joy McKinney spilt the sexual beans.  From the witness-box Joy spoke in a fabulously exotic Southern drawl and with no sense of shyness or inhibition.  London 1977 was treated to the lurid details of Mormon Big Love Missionary Style.


‘Kirk has to be tied up to have an orgasm.  I co-operated because I loved him and wanted to help him.  Sexual bondage turns him on because he doesnt have to feel guilty.  The thought of being powerless before a woman seems to excite him.  I didn’t have to give him oral sex ... I did do it at his request because he likes it.’


And in her most famous phrase, she drawled: ‘I loved Kirk so much that I would have skied down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose.’


The newspapers exploded.  So did the magistrates.  Joy McKinney was released on bail with a charge of kidnapping chained to her wrist (a charge of rape could not then brought when the victim, a man, seemed to enjoy being a sex slave; no-one in the country seemed to give a toss about the alleged victim).


Joyce McKinney, London’s hottest star, did a runner.  The trial was set for May 1978, but Joy jumped bail, fled the country and arrived in America via Ireland and Canada.  Without sub judice restrictions the gutter press printed every salacious details including her not-so Mormon career in soft porn.


Joy McKinney was later identified by the Salt Lake Tribune in August 2008 as one Bernann McKinney, gaining further fame by buying five cloned pitbulls of her dead dog Booger.  esias, board re-post 1st April 2012 original, ‘Male Mormon Missionary Kidnapped For a Sex Slave!’



Hundreds of Spanish babies ‘stolen from clinics and sold for adoption’.


Hundreds of Spanish babies were stolen from their parents by a secret network of doctors and nurses and sold for adoption, according to a petition filed in Madrid.


The families of 261 babies who disappeared in Spanish hospitals over five decades called on the attorney general to open an investigation into the scandal, after presenting evidence from former employees at maternity clinics and parents who admitted illegally adopting babies.


What started as a system for taking children away from families deemed to be politically dangerous to the regime of General Francisco Franco became an illicit business that continued at least until the 1980s, a campaign group has claimed.  The Guardian online news headline 27th January 2011



Her young son was kidnapped by his father and taken to South Korea.  Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story, LMN 2011


Lee had fallen behind in his payments of child support.  ibid.


No-one in Tiffany’s family liked Lee.  ibid.


American Association of Missing Children; He has found over 130 missing children.  ibid.


He [Lee] was indicted on charges of International Parental Kidnapping and making false statements in a passport application.  ibid.



Tiffany’s six-year-old son Kobe Lee had been kidnapped by her estranged ex-boyfriend.  Tiffany was left with only one option.  Tiffany Rubin: Beyond the Headlines, Apple TV 2011


He kept calling Social Services … ‘Jeffrey making her life a nightmare.’ … There was a strong possibility that he would go to prison.  ibid.


9He has found over one hundred and thirty missing children and returned them to their custodial parents free of charge.  ibid.  



It’s a story of grief.  And longing.  Betrayal.  And discovery.  But Carlina White’s new-found family faced some hard realities.  Beyond the Headlines: Carlina White


A reunion that captivated the world.  ibid.


In January 2011 an assistant in a hair salon near Atlanta discovered she was really Carlina White, abducted as an infant from Harlem hospital 23 years earlier.  ibid.



We’re going to kidnap Jack from Saint Clabbert’s.  Father Ted s2e15: New Jack City, Ted, Channel 4 1996



In April 2008 the world was stunned by revelations of one of the most horrific cases of abuse ever recorded.  Fritzl: Story of a Monster, Netflix 2010


Josef Fritzl, a respected businessman, father and husband, was discovered to have held one of his own daughters captive in the cellar of the family home for twenty-four years.  Over that period he repeatedly raped her.  She bore him seven children.  ibid.


On October 6th 1967 ... Josef Fritzl raped a local woman ... serving a year of an eighteen-month sentence.  ibid.


The fourth of Rosemary and Josef’s seven children was Elizabeth, born in 1966.  ibid.


She claims he began abusing here when she was eleven years old.  ibid.


Chained to the wall he only released her to rape her.  ibid.



Josef Fritzl has been writing begging letters to the daughter he locked up and raped in a secret dungeon for 24 years.


Every two weeks Fritzl, 74, pens a pleading note to daughter Elisabeth, 43, who suffered over 3,000 rapes at his hands and bore him seven incest children.


He says he needs money ‘to study to be a lawyer so I can defend myself’ – but Elisabeth never replies.


In some of the notes he asks for £3,500 to ‘get me started’ on his legal career.


He even moans about not being able to get special shampoo he claims he needs for his implanted hair.


Elisabeth is building a new life with the six children who survived the cellar hell beneath the family home in Amstetten, Austria, after she was freed in 2008.