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Knights Templar
  Kabbalah  ·  Kansas  ·  Kazakhstan  ·  Kelly, Grace, Princess of Monaco  ·  Kennedy Dynasty  ·  Kennedy, John F (I)  ·  Kennedy, John F (II)  ·  Kennedy, John F (III)  ·  Kennedy, Robert  ·  Kent  ·  Kentucky  ·  Kenya & Kenyans  ·  Ketamine  ·  Kidnap (I)  ·  Kidnap (II)  ·  Kidney  ·  Kill & Killer  ·  Kind & Kindness  ·  King  ·  King, Martin Luther  ·  Kingdom  ·  Kingdom of God  ·  Kiss  ·  Kissinger, Henry  ·  Knife & Knives  ·  Knights  ·  Knights Templar  ·  Knowledge  ·  Komodo Dragon  ·  Koran (I)  ·  Koran (II)  ·  Korea & Korean War  ·  Kosovo  ·  Kurds & Kurdistan  ·  Kuwait & Kuwaitis  ·  Kyrgyzstan  

★ Knights Templar

Knights Templar: see Crusades & Islam & Muslims & Koran & Jerusalem & Middle Ages & Christianity & Catholicism & Pope & Illuminati & New World Order & Freemasons & Holy Grail & Knight & Secret Societies & Inquisition & Kabbalah

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The avowed object of the Templars was to protect the Christians who came to visit the holy places: their secret object was the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon.  Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma



And thus the warfare against the powers of evil that crushed the Order of the Temple goes steadily on, and Freedom marches ever onward toward the conquest of the world.  Albert Pike, Legenda



There grew a legend that the Knight Templars had discovered Jesus’ bones in Jerusalem.  That they had brought them back to France.  Did Jesus Die? commentary Bernard Hill



The Crusades: Temple Church, London.  One order of crusading knights, the Knights Templar, had their own church in London where they honoured the fallen.  David Dimbleby, Seven Ages of Britain 2/7: Age of Worship 1170 to 1400, BBC 2010



Do you see now why the Templars are a threat?  So long as even one survives, so too does their desire to create a New World Order.  Assassins Creed, 2007



Over the years the real Shroud historians have always associated the Shroud at some point in its history with the Knights Templar.  Barrie Schwortz, STURP photographer



New evidence suggests that a secretive band of holy crusaders known as the Knights Templar may have had possession of the Shroud, or at the very least were aware of its existence in the year 1287.  The Real Face of Jesus? History 2010



Between 1095 and 1291 A.D. the Pope launched seven blood-baths called the Christian Crusades – torturing, burning, beheading, and mass-murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Jews in the name of God.  The Pope’s brutal soldiers were called Knights Templar, or Knights of the Temple of Solomon.  And evolved into today’s secretive brotherhood called the Freemasons.  Ring of Power, 2008 



In 1984 New England fishermen spotted something strange [Narragansett Stone] sixty feet off the coast of Rhode Island.  A giant boulder carved with cryptic 14th century symbols.  One of the symbols is a Hooked X, used by only one group at that time – the Knights Templars.  In 2012 the stone with the symbol was stolen.  America Unearthered, H2 2012



The Templar Army began its gruesome desert march towards Tiberius without water or shelter.  Weak and disorientated.  That evening was when Saladin’s forces closed in to surround them.  In the attack that followed ... it was the worst single military disaster in the Holy Land.  The surviving Christian knights were sold into slavery.  Decoding the Past: The Templar Code, History 2007


Saladin took the city a few months later.  The Christians fought back under Richard the Lionheart, retaking the city in 1229.  But held it only briefly.  In 1244 the Turks recaptured Jerusalem, effectively bringing an end to Christian rule.  ibid.



But there is one sacred object above all others that has become intertwined with the legend of the Knights Templar; it was mentioned by the German poet Wolfram von Eschenbach in his epic Parzival.  Writing in the 13th century he claimed that some formidable fighting men were guarding an object that many would die to possess: the Holy Grail.  Decoding the Past s1e17: The Templar Code, History 2005


This cult-like fanaticism with its oaths and secrecy made the Templars fearsome in battle.  But it would later bring about their downfall.  Their rise had been meteoric ... With donations sparked by the patronage of France’s revered cleric Bernard of Clairvaux they quickly raised a fortune and an army in the front line of the war against Islam.  ibid.    


And at this time of relative peace the Knights Templar were about to pay a terrible price for decades of privilege in one of history’s greatest public scandals.  It began in 1307 on Friday the 13th, a day henceforth considered unlucky.  On that morning Templar headquarters throughout France found themselves under attack ... The Inquisition extracted its own answers.  ibid.    


Established by the Church to root out heretics in Southern France the Inquisition was a group of experienced interrogators and clergy placed at the disposal of any European monarch enjoying Papal favour.  ibid.


The Templars operated a fleet of ships and their own trade route for goods and passengers between the West and the East.  They owned land including farms, mills, vineyards.  ibid.    


For centuries one of the greatest mysteries surrounding the Knights Templar had been the fate of their fleet.  Documents from around 1207 indicate that the Templars already had their own ships and were starting to build up a fleet.  One account from October 1307 reports the presence of eighteen Templar ships anchored in the port of La Rochelle in western France.  The next day they were gone.  One likely escape route to the North, to one of the longest held Templar strongholds.  The Scots were unlikely to have heeded the Pope’s suppression order ... But those hunting such evidence and other Templar secrets are drawn to one particular spot: it stands on the estate of one of Scotland’s oldest and most powerful clans, the Sinclairs.  Or as some interpret the name: St Clair.  ibid.  


One theory has the Templars outcasts in Europe, turning their ships towards the New World, and following ancient Viking routes to the North Atlantic.  Island-hopping could have kept them always within two hundred miles of land.  ibid.



Treasure hunters or not, the Templars returned to Europe in 1127 and quickly gained the sponsorship of the Church.  Their group expanded in number to include 1,200 knights and more than 20,000 retainers.  They diversified their services inventing early forms of banking, shipping and security.  Within a generation they were a powerful international force.  Decoding the Past s2e31: Mysteries of the Freemasons  The Beginning, History 2006


In 1312 after five years of trials and bloody executions the Pope disbanded the Knights Templar by decree.  ibid.



Amongst the Christian ranks are two zealous orders of warrior monks known as the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller.  To Saladin they are the ultimate enemy.  Mystery Files s2e7: Saladin, National Geographic 2011  


Two hundred and thirty detested Templars and Hospitallers are handed over to Muslim clerics.  Again, Saladin acts to Muslim rules of war.  ibid.


They are granted freedom from slavery on condition they quit the Holy Land for ever.  Many return to Europe with tales of Saladin – a Muslim warrior with greater chivalry than any European knight.  ibid.


Saladin’s legacy of mercy and compassion is echoed today on the modern battlefield.  ibid.



It is almost 100 years since Christian armies from Europe seized Jerusalem.  Europe suffers in the grip of repression and poverty.  Peasant and lord alike flee to the Holy Land in search of fortune and salvation.  Kingdom of Heaven 2005 starring Orlando Bloom & Jeremy Irons & Eva Green & David Thewlis & Liam Neeson & Brendan Gleeson & Michael Sheen & Ghassan Massoud & Alexander Seddig & Khaled Nabawy et al, director Ridley Scott, caption


France 1184: I call it here.  Now.  ibid.  Baron Godfrey


To kill an infidel is not murder.  It is the path to heaven.  ibid.  Pilgrim Camp – Road to Messina


A kingdom of conscience.  A Kingdom of Heaven.  ibid.  Neeson


I have lost my religion.  ibid.  hero


God wills it.  ibid.  Knights Templars


We are fighting for wealth and land.  ibid.  Irons


The King, Richard the Lionheart, went on to the Holy Land and crusaded for three years.  ibid.  caption



In 1128 the Order was sanctioned by the Council of Troyes and by the Pope.  Nesta H Webster, Secret Societies & Subversive Movements



Nine rather elderly and middle-aged knights were hardly in a position to protect very much in the Holy Land.  Dr Tim Wallace-Murphy, co-author Custodians of Truth



They [The Knights Templar] became bankers in a very big way.  They lent to emperors, priests, Bishops, Kings.  They would lend money to anybody who needed it.  Dr Tim Wallace-Murphy



They burrowed down for over ninety meters – straight down through solid rock.  They knew precisely where to dig.  Where did that information come from?  Dr Tim Wallace-Murphy



The tunnels were re-excavated at the end of the nineteenth, the beginning of the twentieth century, by Lieutenant Warren of the Royal Engineers.  And he found Templar artefacts scattered about throughout the tunnels.  Dr Tim Wallace-Murphy