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★ Vampire

Vampire: see Mythology & Literature & Film & Horror & Blood & Body & Biology & Dracula & Philippines & Chupacabra & Zombies & Immortality & Gothic

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21,093.  I just rammed a wooden stake into my brother’s chest because he turned into a vampire.  (GBH Films & Horror & Vampire)  From Dusk Till Dawn 1996 starring George Clooney & Harvey Keitel & Quentin Tarantino & Juliette Lewis & Salma Hayek & Cheech Marin & Danny Trejo & Tom Savini & Fred Williamson & Michael Parks et al, director Robert Rodriguez, Seth


21,094.  Now do we all agree that what we are dealing with is vampires?  (GBH Films & Horror & Vampire)  ibid.  Seth



87,382.  Romania: and so the folklore surrounding the Strigoi emerged.  (Romania & Cryptozoology & Vampire)  Russias Mystery Files I, National Geographic 2014  



21,997.  I’ve told you to stay off the boardwalk.  (GBH Films & Vampire)  The Lost Boys 1987 starring Kiefer Sutherland & Corey Feldman & Jami Gertz & Corey Haim & Barnard Hughes & Jason Patric & Jamison Newlander & Dianne Wiest, director Joel Schumacher, rozzer to gang


21,998.  How far are you willing to go, Michael?  (GBH Films & Vampire)  ibid.  Sutherland


21,999.  He’s a vampire all right.  (GBH Films & Vampire)  ibid.  two dudes on dog-n-bone to brother


22,000.  Initiation’s over, Michael.  Time to join the club.  (GBH Films & Vampire)  ibid.  Sutherland



43,101.  You’re a vampire and there’s no denying it!  (Comedy & Vampire)  The Young Ones: Nasty, Vyvyan, BBC 1984



99,653.  Vampire gelphs to you and me.  (Science Fiction & Vampire)  Red Dwarf XI: Can of Worms s11e6, Kryten 



92,542.  Vampires: mythical blood-sucking creatures of the night.  The subject of a countless number of films.  These terrifying demons have become a fixture in popular culture around the world.  Unexplained Mysteries



85,007.  This is also true: The jungles of Puerto Rico were very similar to Vietnam and the US military wanted to see if its de-foresting agent would work, but here’s where it gets really interesting.  And there’s some truth is this one too: when American troops were fighting in the Philippines they heard the legend of something called the Asuang Vampire.  The US military exploited the vampire myth by draining the blood from killed soldiers, and leaving their corpses on display to strike fear into the enemy.  Orlando goes one step further: he believes that the CIA actually tried to create a blood-sucking monster.  Orland believes experiments actually took place and that the Chupacabra is the result.  (Philippines & Vampire & Chupacabra)  The World’s Strangest UFO Stories



92,542.  I’m a vampire, babe

suckin’ blood  

from the earth

I’m a vampire, baby …  Neil Young et al, Vampire Blues



92,543.  Dei Sextatio Historico Philosophica Masticatione Mortuorum Dei & Seperiorum Indulta.  [A History of the Masticating Dead].  Text published 1679, Florence Library



92,544.  I use blood to ensure my immortality in the world.  (Vampire & Blood)  Vlad the Vampire, Illinois



92,545.  Q) What do you do?


A) I am a vampire.  Interview with the Vampire 1994 starring Brad Pitt & Tom Cruise & Christian Slater & Kirsten Dunst & Antonio Banderas & Stephen Rea & Domiziana Giordana & Thandie Newton & George Kelly & Marcel Iures & Sara Stockbridge et al, director Neil Jordan


92,546.  I’m flesh and blood.  But not human.  I haven’t been flesh and blood for two hundred years.  ibid.


92,547.  1791 was the year it happened.  Released from the pain of living.  ibid.


92,548.  He left me on the banks of the Mississippi.  Somewhere between life and death.  ibid.



92,549.  But there is another Venice: the city of Darkness, death and terror.  A city plagued by demons, the forces of evil and a faceless killer.  A killer responsible for the deaths of thousands.  June 2006: scientists are excavating mass graves on the city’s outer islands.  There are hundreds of bodies ... the Black Death.  Vampire Forensics


92,550.  Today will bring a find like no other: a skull and an object wedged in the jaws.  It is a highly unusual find.  A brick wedged in the mouth of a corpse.  ibid.


92,551.  The book [Dei Sextantio Historico Philosophica] refers to the creature as a Nachzehrer – an ancient primitive precursor to the vampire.  ibid.


70,658.  Dracula: based in some reality after all on beliefs that five hundred years ago were fact.  (Dracula & Vampire)  ibid.


92,552.  In fact the word Vampire itself isn’t very old.  And only spread across Europe in the eighteenth century.  But the literary invention has real ancestors that looked very different and went by very different names – a class of creatures known as Revenants.  Animated corpses, mindless lumbering, vampiric ghouls sustained not by drinking blood from the neck but by gorging on living flesh.  And somehow unlike the fictional vampire we know today these Revenants were a very real part of sixteenth century life. ibid.  



92,553.  In America’s deep south one man fights to control a craving for something he says he can’t live without.  American Outsiders: Secret Passions


92,554.  Most Americans don’t believe that real vampires even exist.  ibid.


92,555.  Psychiatrists recognise a condition known as Renfield Syndrome.  ibid.


92,556.  A New Orleans vampire association.  ibid.



92,557.  Vampires: Highgate Cemetery officially opened in 1839 was once described as the most beautiful resting place in London.  (Vampire & Graveyard)  Colour film cited Night on Film: An A-Z of the Dark, BBC 2011


92,558.  He armed himself with a cross and stake, and crouched between the tombstones waiting.  (Vampire & Graveyard)  ibid.


92,559.  I think they’re nutcases.  (Vampire & Graveyard)  ibid.  Highgate Cemetery groundsman, televised interview



92,560.  Angelique had cursed me to be a vampire so that my suffering would never end.  Dark Shadows 2012 starring Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer & & Helena Bonham Carter & Eva Green & Jackie Earle Haley & Jonny Lee Miller & Chloe Grace Moretz & Bella Heathcote et al, director Tim Burton


92,561.  McDonald’s – Over 9 Billion Served – ‘Mephistopheles!’  (Vampire & Fast Food)  ibid.



92,562.  If a person wants to dress in black and sleep during the daytime and be awake at night and walk through the graveyards and listen to Gothic music, and that person is not hurting anyone ... I don’t see that that’s harming anyone.  (Vampire & Eccentric & Gothic)  Norine Dresser, folklorist



92,563.  Vampires are sensual creatures, not sexual.  Katrina Coffin



92,564.  The oldest suspected vampire in the world: a four-thousand-year- old mystery on the fringes of eastern Europe where vampires are still believed to exist.  And vampire killers still hunt.  Ancient X Files: Vampire Killers & Green Children Mystery


92,565.  Two hundred bronze-age skeletons dating back four thousand years: all buried in the same way, the heads facing south, and the bodies laid out on their right side.  But one stood out from the rest.  What’s more the skeleton was found well away from the others.  ibid.


92,566.  The laid a huge weight on its chest.  ibid.



92,567.  The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him.  Garrett Fort, Dracula, van Helsing



110,985.  The vampire: Prince of Darkness, an immortal monster that preys on the living and survives by drinking the life-blood of innocents.  An image both threatening and strangely alluring, vampires have become one of our most enduring romantic fictions.  But perhaps more chilling the fictional vampire is rooted in a grim reality.  (Vampire & Superstition)  Ancient Mysteries s1e2: Origin of the Vampire, A&E 1994


110,986.  Superstition was still a way of life.  It was in this period while smoke from the Inquisition and its witchhunts still hung heavily in the air that the vampire we recognise was first encountered.  (Vampire & Superstition)  ibid.


110,987.  In the early 1700s vampire killings were commonplace throughout Europe.  They were founded in cultural beliefs with ancient roots.  (Vampire & Superstition)  ibid.


110,988.  Vampire superstitions had crossed to America.  (Vampire & Superstition)  ibid. 



115,743.  The vampire is a mythical being who subsists by feeding off the blood of living creatures.  The stuff of nightmares prowling through the night, sinking their fangs into their unsuspecting victims.  But are they real and do they as some claim still exist today?  Jamie Theakston’s Forbidden History s3e4: Bloodlust: Real Vampires, Yesterday 2016


115,744.  Real or not, vampires are big business.  ibid.


115,745.  There have been hundreds of so-called vampire corpses dug up across Hungary, Romania and neighbouring countries all with similar farm machinery embedded in their skeletons.  ibid.



119,738.  Ours is a country of vampires.  (Gangsters & Vampire)  Engrenages/Spiral s1e8, Elina