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Vision (Dream)
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★ Vision (Dream)

Vision (Dream): see Vision (Sight) & Dream & Ambition & Miracle & Religion & Faith & Belief & Ghost & Near Death Experience & Psychic & Extra-Sensory Perception & Prophet & Bible & Demon & Angel

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At this point we reach the supreme irony of how ideology functions today: it appears precisely as its own opposite, a radical critique of ideological utopias.  The predominant ideology today is not a positive vision of some utopian future but a cynical resignation, an acceptance of how ‘the world really is’, accompanied by a warning that, if we want to change it (too much), only totalitarian horror can ensue.  Slavoj Zizek, The Relevance of the Communist Manifesto, 2019



In 1979 the Fresno police scoured hundreds of square miles in their search for an abducted child.  They failed to find her.  And the desperate parents of eight-year-old Victoria de Santiago asked a psychic detective for help.  On the psychics instructions the Fresno police were directed deep into the backwoods to a lonely chicken farm.  Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious Universe: The Psychic Detectives, ITV 1994  


A compelling vision drove Etta Louise Smith to a remote canyon high in the hills above Los Angeles.  Shed heard on the news that police were searching for a missing nurse ... Etta Smith told the police of her gruesome discovery.  Amazed by her story they promptly arrested her.  Etta was charged with murder and jailed for five days.  She was only freed when three youths were overheard discussing the crime and arrested.  ibid. 



December 17th 1980: That day changed my life ... As soon as the announcer [on the radio] said they were making a house to house search I had some kind of a visual image ... I can see where she was.  I know its a canyon area.  I see a dirt path going up to the right and I see a hill, and at the end of the dirt path I see white through shrubbery, and I thought thats odd ... I could see tyre marks and for some reason I felt compelled to touch them ... This object had white nurses shoes ... They [LAPD detectives] assured they would bring me back ... We went through it again and again and again.  Finally about ten oclock I start to realise something isnt right here.  I said if youre having a problem believing me then let me volunteer for a lie-detector, polygraph ...  Oh no, theres a mistake ... What!  But my mind is spinning.  How can you fail a polygraph when youre telling the truth?  Etta Louise Smith



It was as if I heard a voice or someone tell me shes not in the house. And as soon as I registered that thought, shes not in the house, it was as if I saw a picture – it was as clear as a photograph in front of me.  I could see where she was.  Etta Louise Smith  



She made several statements at the time; she didnt want to be considered a cook or a nut; she wasnt crazy ... To be able to pinpoint an area was absolutely incredible ... I thanked her for coming in in her own time ... I was infuriated.  I wanted to know why; I was told why: the detectives now handing the case believed she was more involved than she told you ... I was very upset.  I had promised her she would not be taken into custody.  She was a friendly witness ... I was a disbeliever until I spoke to Etta Smith.  Detective Lee Ryan, LAPD



Innocent woman endures nightmare ordeal: Psychic arrested for murder she solved .. And wins $26,000 suit in police blunder.  News report



The small town of Oakhurst in northern California is the home and workplace of one of Americas most celebrated psychics ... Dixie Yeterian.  Strange But True? s2e9, ITV 1995 


Etta Smith claimed no special psychic powers, no history of clairvoyance, but she succeeded where the whole of the Los Angeles police department failed.  ibid.


Ettas decision to go to the Canyon marked a deepening of her involvement with the case; she was now being drawn into the investigation in a way she could no longer foresee or control.  As Etta drove back down the Canyon she regretted ever having involved her children in the search.  ibid.


Detective Ryan was now working on another case; he was told that Etta had been taken into custody.  By offering to take a polygraph test Etta thought at last shed found the perfect way to convince the detectives she was telling the truth.  It was now three in the morning.  Etta had been in custody nine hours.  With Etta under arrest the hunt for the real killers had come to a standstill.  The pursuit of her premonition had plunged her into a nightmare.  Etta was suddenly free.  At a party three men had been heard boasting of killing Melanie Yuribi.  The police had no further interest in Etta Smith ... The trauma of her imprisonment had left its scars.  ibid. 



In 1988 David Morehouse, a Major in the United States Army, was assigned to a new post at a top-secret unit of military intelligence.  Discretely housed in two wooden sheds on an Army Base at Fort Mead in Maryland the unit was so clandestine that Morehouse didnt discover what went on there until he met his commanding officer ...  But four months prior to reporting to Fort Mead Morehouses glittering career nearly ended.  During a training exercise in the Jordanian desert a stray round struck him in the head.  The bullet should have killed him but miraculously it lodged in his helmet.  As he lay unconscious on the desert floor Morehouse claimed he had a vision of an angel bearing a message ... After the accident Morehouse began to be haunted by a series of terrifying hallucinations and out-of-body experiences ... To his amazement Morehouse discovered that far from being invalided out of the Army he was being recruited as a psychic spy.  The psychologist suspected that the blow from the bullet had released a latent psychic ability ... For twenty years the US government had invested millions of dollars into a series of ultra-classified projects like Operation Grill-Flame.  Psychics were recruited to gather military intelligence through a process called Remote Viewing ... Having entered an altered state, the remote viewer is ready to begin his assignment ...  Strange But True? s4e3



And I would drop through this tunnel.  And the sensation was so physically overwhelming to me that often I began to get nausea ... You begin to drop into this target area and things become perceivable by you.  Youre seeing the colours, youre smelling the smells and tasting things.  The Monitor begins steering you round in this particular target area and you actually move about in the target area in this ghost-like phantom form thats projected in Time and Space.  David Morehouse    



And we kept watching this aircraft explode, and then we would be asked to go back again to re-live it again, to go right back to the moment just before it exploded again to try to pinpoint where this explosion took place.  What we were looking at was Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, which we were forced to re-live over and over again.  And it was literally within hours of that aircraft exploding in mid-air that the remote viewers were providing information to the defence intelligence agency that stated that there was an explosion that took place on the front left quadrant of this aircraft, below the passenger line and in front of the wings.  David Morehouse



The bullet lodged in Morehouses helmet knocking him down cold.  It was then that he claimed he experienced visions of overwhelming power ... He began having nightmares so horrifying that they drove him to an army psychologist.  The psychologist suspected conclusion had somehow released in Morehouse a latent psychic ability.  His commanding officers invited Morehouse to join a secret CIA unit studying psychic powers.  Unsolved Mysteries s9e15



But when Millie McGregor set out one labor-day weekend she never expected she would take a wrong turn and her hike would become a life or death ordeal ... No-one counted on a soft-spoken cowboy named Randy Spears to ride to the rescue ... He had never ever had any kind of psychic or ESP experience, but then somehow in his mind’s eye he saw a silhouette of a Sierra peak located fifty miles from his ranch.  He just knew with absolute certainty that he would find Millie on the mountain’s southern slope.  Unsolved Mysteries



When a major airliner crashes the tragedy is overwhelming, the destruction sudden and complete.  In the spring of 1979 a New York woman has a series of dreams of an airliner disaster in the mid-west; two months later a Cincinnati man dreams of a large jet in peril: it crashes and explodes.  The dream repeats ten nights in a row and no matter what he does, it will not leave him alone.  Were these dreams just nightmares or will they prove to be prophecies?  In Search of s4e21 … Air Disaster Prediction, 1980



Murder and the medium: clairvoyant Nella Jones talks to Shirley Davenport about her horrifying visions which help solve major crimes throughout the world.  News article



Throughout time prophets have claimed to see the future through shadowy visions, cryptic codes and religious texts.  Paranatural s2e3: Doomsday Prophecies, National Geographic 2013



Britain is a country haunted by its past.  It is possessed by the memory of a golden age, a time long ago when this country was the most powerful on Earth.  This is a film about what happens when politicians summon up that romantic vision; for a moment it gives them immense power but then they discover they have evoked forces they cannot control.  The price they pay is to become imprisoned by their vision.  Adam Curtis, The Living Dead III: The Attic, BBC 1995


Some of the Colditz generation even set up private militias; a network of retired military officers who would take over the running of the country if law and order collapsed.  ibid.


Mrs Thatcher took over a demoralised Tory party.  The modern Britain the Conservatives had tried to build in the ’50s and ’60s had collapsed.  In its place she offered a new vision: she too would modernise the economy and make it grow, but the wealth produced would recreate an older form of Britain.  ibid.


He [Churchill] led the British people into a world of his own imagining.   They were drawn by the power of his imagination into an idealised vision of Britain’s past.  A dream from a world that was long gone.  ibid.  


One of Mrs Thatcher’s aims was to generate a new sense of pride in Britain’s past.  ibid.  


Mrs Thatcher soon established herself as a new kind of leader driven by a messianic vision.  But her party didn’t realise the price the country would have to pay to be reborn in her terms.  ibid.   



We live in a strange time.  Extraordinary events keep happening that undermine the stability of our world.  Suicide bombs, waves of refugees, Donald Trump, Vladamir Putin, even Brexit.  Yet those in control seem unable to deal with.  And no-one has any vision of a different or a better kind of future.  Adam Curtis, HyperNormalisation, BBC 2016


The Soviet Union became instead a society where no-one believed in anything or had any vision of the future.  ibid.  



Waves of bliss radiated through my spirit ... Suddenly, another force stepped in: what I saw was the face of devouring darkness.  Randall N Baer, Inside the New Age Nightmare



Always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler.  Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.  If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – for ever.  George Orwell, 1984 



I used to kind of fantasize about getting visions.  Richard Dawkins, In Confidence



Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.  Warren Bennis



1917: Just outside the village of Fatima, Portugal, three shepherd children claim to experience visions of the Virgin Mary.  According to legend, the apparition shared with them three cryptic secrets about mankinds dark future.  Shrouded in mystery for eighty-three years, the final part of the prophecy may have foretold the ultimate cataclysm: a nuclear third world war in our lifetime.  Nostradamus Effect: Fatimas Lost Prophecy, Discovery 2009



Did three children receive a prophecy here in Fatima in 1917 that foretold the date of the apocalypse?  Did it warn of a plague and the destruction of the Church?  Has the Vatican covered it up for nearly a century?  Jamie Theakston, Forbidden History s1e2: The Third Secret of Fatima, UKTV 2013


On six occasions between May and October 1917 it is said that the Virgin Mary appeared to three young Portuguese children.  ibid.