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★ Vikings

Vikings: see Denmark & Sweden & Norway & Dark Ages & Europe & England & Scotland & France & Ireland

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4,362.  Risking all for a new world … Guided by Thor, God of Thunder, the Vikings set out across the world.  (Humanity & Vikings & United States of America)  Mankind: The Story of All of Us VII: New World



10,118.  It’s the carving of these boats and carts and sledges that makes this particular Viking find so exciting.  (Art & Dark Ages & Vikings)  Waldemar Januszczak, The Dark Ages: An Age of Light IV: The Men of the North, BBC 2012



28,414.  Even if the Polynesians didn’t find North America in 1000 A.D. someone else did: a settlement in Newfoundland proves that’s when the Vikings made it to Canada.  But did they reach the United States?  (United States of America & Canada & Vikings)  Who Really Discovered America?


28,415.  Scandinavia 1000 A.D.  Still 492 years before Columbus: Viking voyagers from Scandinavia were exploring the north Atlantic, and it was only a matter of time before one of them sailed to North America.  (United States of America & Canada & Vikings)  ibid.


28,416.  The east coast is also home to some other artefacts thought to be Norse ... The most famous is the Kensington Runestone unearthed by a farmer in Minnesota in 1898: ‘8 Goths and 22 Norwegians on an Acquisition journey far to the west of Vinland’.  (United States of America & Vikings)  ibid.



30,087.  It was the beginning of a prominent Viking presence in British life.  But it wouldn’t all be rape and pillage.  (Great Britain & England & Vikings)  Bettany Hughes, Seven Ages of Britain 410 A.D. – 1066 A.D.


30,088.  A prime British target – the town of York.  (Great Britain & England & Vikings)  ibid.



30,142.  Raiders from Scandinavia: the Vikings ... The Vikings were driven by population growth in their own countries.  By economic and political oppression.  (Great Britain & England & Vikings)  Michael Wood, The Great British Nation: A People’s History 2/8


30,143.  The Vikings changed society and attitudes ... York = Jorvik: in this cosmopolitan city Vikings soon took on the native culture.  (Great Britain & England & Vikings)  ibid.


30,144.  England was divided.  North of Watling Street - Danelaw; but to the south – Alfred the Great’s Kingdom of the Anglo-Saxons.  (Great Britain & England & Vikings & Anglo-Saxons)  ibid.



30,181.  The Viking army attacked them on Ashdown – January 871.  The site of the Battle of Ashdown has never been found.  (England & Alfred the Great & Vikings & Battle)  Michael Wood, King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons I: Alfred of Wessex, BBC 2013


30,183.  Edington Wiltshire May 878: at first light he attacked them ... Brutal stuff: toe to toe eyeball to eyeball stabbing and slashing.  (England & Alfred the Great & Vikings)  ibid.



30,384.  Nordic invaders – The Vikings – sailed across the North Sea to plunder Britain’s riches.  (Great Britain & England & Vikings)  David Dimbleby, Seven Ages of Britain 1/7: Age of Conquest



31,740.  The terror of Viking attack ... The age of the Vikings had arrived.  (Ireland & Vikings)  Fergal Keane, The Story of Ireland, BBC 1/5 



62,987.  A mighty race that worshipped powerful gods.  A celestial bridge linking mankind to a divine realm.  And epic journeys to the far end of the world.  How were the Vikings able to develop such an advanced civilisation?  (Aliens & Ancient Astronaut Theory & Vikings)  Ancient Aliens: Viking Gods s5e11


62,988.  The Vikings or Norsemen flourished from the late eighth century.  (Aliens & Ancient Astronaut Theory & Vikings)  ibid.


62,989.  The enormous distances the Vikings travelled from their homeland ... According to archeologists, artefacts discovered in Newfoundland in Canada during the 1960s prove that the Vikings were the first Europeans to set foot in North America.  (Aliens & Ancient Astronaut Theory & Vikings)  ibid.


62,990.  Is it really credible that the Vikings gods Odin and Thor were in fact extraterrestrial visitors?  (Aliens & Ancient Astronaut Theory & Viking & Extraterrestrials)  ibid.



92,707.  793 A.D.: on the island of Lindisfarne a barbaric band of heathens tore apart the local monastery ... The Viking Age had begun.  (Vikings & Dark Ages)  The Dark Ages


92,708.  The Vikings were relentless and prolific ... Their favourite target was their first: Britain.  (Vikings & Dark Ages)  ibid.


92,709.  Ivan turned his attention to conquering the rest of Britannia.  (Vikings & Dark Ages)  ibid.


92,710.  There was one kingdom in the south of the country that refused to crumble: it was ruled by a resourceful and resilient warrior king whose name was Alfred the Great.  (Vikings & Dark Ages)  ibid.


92,711.  While some sailed off to plunder new frontiers across the Atlantic others quietly settled down and were assimilated into Europe’s Christian culture.  (Vikings & Dark Ages)  ibid.



92,712.  The Viking invasions had done a lot to militarise Europe.  Kelly DeVries, Loyola College



92,713.  The Vikings – a feared race of sea-faring warriors with powers of navigation ahead of their time, reaching America long before Columbus ... Were they guided by a magical stone lost to history – the legendary Viking Sun Stone?  Ancient X Files: Incas Decoded and Viking Sun Stone              


92,714.  We know from their sagas that this warrior people believed in the existence of magic crystals.  (Vikings & Crystal)  ibid.


92,715.  The age of the Vikings stretched from the late 8th to the mid-11th century.  ibid.


92,716.  There is archaeological evidence that the Vikings colonised Vinland. [Newfoundland]  ibid.


92,717.  Is it credible they used an instrument they called the Sunstone?  ibid.


92,718.  The Vikings developed Europe’s most advanced sea-faring vessels.  ibid. 



92,719.  York.  Founded by the Romans, by the ninth century A.D. this was one of the great Christian cities of Anglo-Saxon England.  But York had a shock coming.  Because in 886 A.D. an entire army arrived here and turned the place Viking.  (Viking & York)  Neil Oliver, Vikings I, BBC 2012


92,720.  To start my investigation I’ve come to Norway.  In particular Bergen.  ibid.


92,721.  The Vikings weren’t just savage pirates.  ibid.


92,722.  They were the product, the evolution, of a dynamic and often violent history.  ibid.



92,723.  Here in Ireland evidence is being unearthed of a Viking fortress.  Neil Oliver, Vikings II, BBC 2012


92,724.  A vast trading network from Ireland to the Middle East.  ibid.


92,725.  Russia’s most famous museum – The Hermitage – paints a completely new picture of the Vikings for me.  Not one of bands of bearded men out on war-like raids, but ordinary people living settled lives.  ibid.


92,726.  The Vikings’ most important commodity of all – slaves.  ibid.


92,727.  The Vikings are part of who we are.  ibid.



92,728.  The Vikings were notorious for their fast and manoeuvrable warships.  Neil Oliver, Vikings III, BBC 2012


92,729.  On Shetland there are relics of more ordinary lives – of Viking farmers and craftsmen.  ibid.


92,730.  They were explorers and adventurers.  ibid.


92,731.  A Viking empire of the north.  ibid.


92,732.  Tribute payments in strong hard cash.  ibid.


92,733.  AEthelred ... Ordered that all Danish men in England were to be killed.  What happened next is known as the St Brice’s Day Massacre.  ibid.


92,706.  Norway, Denmark and Sweden soon found their own new rulers.  ibid.



83,242.  By the end of the 10th century Rollos were unstoppable.  Charles, King of France, had no choice but to do a deed ... Rollo realised that the route to power lay in diplomacy ... The province of Normandy was born.  (Normans & France & Vikings)  Professor Robert Bartlett, The Normans I 2010


83,243.  The Normans didn’t completely lose touch with their Viking past.  Any attempts to revolt against the new order were brutally repressed.  (Normans & France & Vikings)  ibid.



51,796.  Elephant: twenty-two months of pregnancy then a further four years of feeding it on milk.  (Animals & Elephant)  David Attenborough, The Trials of Life XII: Continuing The Line



51,935. The elephant and the mole rat are curious creatures: they are both extremely wrinkled.  (Animals & Elephant & Rat)  Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities: Young Wrinklies


51,936.  Elephants: they are the heaviest land mammals alive and the longest lived.  (Animals & Elephant & Mammals)  ibid.



52,114.  The elephant is the largest living land animal.  (Animals & Mammals & Elephant)  David Attenborough: Life on Earth: Mammals (revised series)



52,140.  The predators are elephants; their prey are plants.  (Mammals & Animals & Elephants)  David Attenborough, The Life of Mammals III: Plant Predators