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Vaccine & Vaccination
  Vaccine & Vaccination  ·  Vacuum  ·  Valour & Valor  ·  Value  ·  Vampire  ·  Vanity  ·  Variety  ·  Vatican & Vatican City  ·  Vegetables  ·  Vegetarian & Vegan  ·  Venezuela & Venezuelans  ·  Venice  ·  Venus  ·  Vexation & Vexed  ·  Vice  ·  Vice-President  ·  Victim  ·  Victoria, Queen  ·  Victory  ·  Video  ·  Vienna  ·  Vietnam & Vietnam War  ·  Vikings  ·  Village  ·  Villain  ·  Violence & Violent  ·  Virgin & Virginity  ·  Virginia  ·  Virtue  ·  Virus  ·  Vision (Dream)  ·  Vision (Sight)  ·  Vitamins  ·  Voice  ·  Volcano  ·  Voodoo  ·  Vortex & Vortices  ·  Vote & Voter  ·  Vow  ·  Vulcan  

★ Vaccine & Vaccination

3,700 passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess are stranded on board when it is quarantined.  ibid.


The new virus fits the bill for Disease X.  ibid.


The first European country hit hard by the virus is Italy.  ibid.  


Beyond the economic damage the human cost of the pandemic is mounting.  ibid.    


Lockdown is slowing down the spread of the virus but hopes for an end of the pandemic rest on a vaccine.  ibid.  


The global vaccine race is hotting up with 24 candidates going through trials.  The Oxford vaccine is out in front.  ibid.  



Who is Bill Gates?  A software developer?  A businessman?  A philanthropist?  A global health expert?


This question, once merely academic, is becoming a very real question for those who are beginning to realize that Gates’ unimaginable wealth has been used to gain control over every corner of the fields of public health, medical research and vaccine development.  And now that we are presented with the very problem that Gates has been talking about for years, we will soon find that this software developer with no medical training is going to leverage that wealth into control over the fates of billions of people.  The Corbett Report January 2020, Who is Bill Gates?


‘Until we get almost everybody vaccinated globally, we won’t be fully back to normal.’  ibid.


This is the story of how Bill Gates monopolised the global health.  ibid.


Gates is now hailed as a visionary who is leveraging that wealth and power for the greater good of humanity.  ibid.


It’s the same process by which every billionaire has revived their public image.  ibid.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spends tens of millions of dollars per year on media partnerships.  ibid.


The work of two [Gates’] research groups was crucial in shaping the decisions of the UK and US governments to implement wild-ranging lockdowns and intern governments around the world.  ibid.


Bill and Melinda Gates pledge $10 billion in call for Decade of Vaccines.  ibid.        


The whole process has been cloaked in the mantle of selfless philanthropy but the Foundation is not structured as a charitable endeavour: instead, it maintains a duel structure.  ibid.


Grants given by the Foundation often directly benefit the value of the Trust’s assets.  ibid.


‘The first guiding principle of the [Bill & Melinda Gates] Foundation is that it is ‘driven by the interests and passions of the Gates’ family’.’  ibid.  The Lancet May 2000


Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate the world … The Gates Foundation’s tentacles have penetrated into every corner of the field of public health.  Billions of dollars in funding and entire public policy agendas are under the control of this man – an unelected, unaccountable software developer with no medical research experience or training.  And nowhere is Gates’s control of public health more apparent than in the realm of public vaccines.  ibid.  


Rushing at warp speed to develop a new vaccine using experimental technology and then mass-producing and delivering billions of doses to be injected into basically the entire world before adequate testing has even been done amounts to one of the most dangerous experiments in the history of the world.  ibid.  


In the arena of public health, what Bill Gates wants the whole world gets.  So it shouldn’t be no surprise that immunity for the Big Pharma manufacturers and the vaccination planners is already being worked on.  ibid.      


Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India.  ibid.  International Journal of Environmental and Public Health    


The 2017 confirmation that the Gates’ supported Polio vaccine was actually responsible for the majority of new polio cases, and the 2018 follow-up showing that 80% of new polio cases are now vaccine derived.  ibid. 


Criticism of the global health web that Gates has spun in the last two decades: that the public health industry has become a racket run by and for Big Pharma by its partners for the benefit of big business.  ibid.    


This use of Foundation funds to set public policy to drive up corporate profits is not a secret conspiracy.  It is a perfectly open one.  ibid.


What he really wants: control.  Control not just of the health industry but control of the human population itself.  ibid.  


Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid … The purpose of the [2009] meeting [of billionaires] was to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population.  ibid.


That was the biggest a-ha to Bill and Me … If you start to save this children, will women just keep over-populating the world?  ibid.  Melinda on 60 Minutes


Did Bill Gates ‘Admit’ Vaccinations Are Designed So Governments Can Depopulate the World?  ibid.  Snopes online article


‘Little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required is a solution is to be found there.’  ibid.  Rockefeller Foundation  


Beginning in the 1990s a series of scandals of WHO-led vaccination programmes in the third world led to allegations of Tetanus vaccinations in places like the Philippines and Kenya were being laced with HCG in order to implement population control by stealth.  ibid.


Reducing population growth has by Gates’s own admission been a core mission of the Gates Foundation since its inception.  ibid.


Being issued a government ID … this human right also has benefits for big business … Control of the population … The real purpose of this identification control grid.  ibid.


The nightmarish implications for this type of all-seeing all-pervasive society … is to remove privacy from our lives … is about control.  ibid.


As critics of his Foundation have repeated pointed out, the nine million people who die every year of hunger would be best served by securing food supplies, running water and other basic necessities, not costly interventions for rare diseases … This is not about charity; it is about control.  ibid.



In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines.  But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda.  An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for Big Pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.  The Corbett Report: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccine the World, James Corbett online 2020


Given Gates’ pledge to make this a ‘decade of vaccines’, it should come as no surprise that since the dawn of this coronavirus crisis he has been adamant that the world will not go back to normal until a vaccine has been developed.  ibid.



The wonder of modern medicine: the key to securing the future without lockdowns and self-isolations.  There is no race more important.  Scientists across the globe focused on one thing: a vaccine for every adult on the planet.  Our societies, our economies, and our lives are counting on it … while reassuring everyone that the vaccines are safe.  Dispatches: Coronavirus Vaccine: Is It Safe? Matt Frei reporting, Channel 4 2020


Over six million should be vaccinated in this first group before the spring.  ibid.  


The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine: at £3 a dose, it’s at least five times cheaper than the Pfizer-BioNTech one; it’s also so much easier to store at normal fridge temperatures.  ibid. 



As nations battle to control Covid-19, Pfizer’s successful vaccine has made it one of the most powerful companies on the planet.  Dispatches reveals new details about Pfizer’s pandemic profits.  We disclose how Pfizer’s cash helped spread misleading claims about rival vaccines.  We hear from a whistleblower who raises questions about Pfizer’s rush to get approval for its lifesaving jab.  And we discover just how little of its vaccine has reached poorer countries.  Dispatches: Vaccine Wars: The Truth About Pfizer, Channel 4 2021  



Vials of liquid hope coming off the production line: a vaccine developed in the UK against Covid-19.  It could be approved by Christmas.  Panorama: The Race for a Vaccine, Fergus Walsh reporting, BBC 2020


The team could move so quickly because of the template they used to design experimental vaccines for diseases like malaria, flu and a different coronavirus called MERS.  ibid.    


By the end of the summer, trials of the vaccine were running in six countries.  ibid.   



With more than fifteen million people now having had their first jab, Panorama investigates those trying to derail the vaccine rollout.  From protesters on the streets to doctors on video.  Panorama: Vaccines: The Disinformation War, BBC 2021


Around 250 have turned out [Brighton protest] demanding an end to Coronavirus restrictions.  They include so-called anti-vaxxers.  ibid.  



When the Covid vaccine was announced, it promised freedom from lockdowns, economic catastrophe and relatives dying.  Who wouldn’t jump at that?  Many, it turns out.  A powerful movement is exploiting our fears, persuading some to believe the vaccine is designed to control or even kill us.  The Anti-Vax Conspiracy, Channel 4 2021


The antivaxxers: one of the UK movement’s chief crusaders is Jeremy Corbyn’s elder brother Piers.  At the movement’s heart is the core belief that politicians and profit-hungry drug companies exaggerate the dangers of Coronavirus.  Even that the pandemic is a lie.  It can be a seductive message.  In the height of the third lockdown, thousands of people gather closely to denounce the vaccine and rage against the rules.  The Global antivax movement is bigger, more organised and better funded than ever before.  ibid.


In the UK 90% of people are for vaccinations, far more than other countries.  ibid.


In America one in three people say they don’t want to be vaccinated.  ibid.



It started as a vaccine with a unique ambition.  But did national interests derail the global plan?  And are we all paying the price?  AstraZeneca: A Vaccine for the World? BBC 2022


The government will invest £88 million overall.  It enables Oxford to kick off their trials.  But that cash came with certain expectations.  ibid.     


The UK and Canada were the only G7 countries to receive vaccines from the Serum Institute of India in 2021.  ibid.  caption


The UK was the only vaccine-producing country in the G7 to claim doses from Covax in 2021.  ibid.



Right now Covid-19 is on the rise again.  And we’re facing a new wave of the pandemic.  After almost 200,000 Covid-related deaths there are still around 4 million adults in the UK who remain unvaccinated.  I want to know why.  Unvaccinated, BBC 2022