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Jew & Jewish
  Jack the Ripper  ·  Jackson, Michael  ·  Jacob (Bible)  ·  Jain & Jainism  ·  Jamaica  ·  James (Bible)  ·  James I & James the First  ·  James II & James the Second  ·  Japan  ·  Jargon & Cant & Slang  ·  Jazz  ·  Jealous & Jealousy  ·  Jeans  ·  Jehovah's Witnesses  ·  Jeremiah (Bible)  ·  Jericho  ·  Jerusalem  ·  Jest  ·  Jesuits  ·  Jesus Christ (I)  ·  Jesus Christ (II)  ·  Jesus Christ: Second Coming  ·  Jet  ·  Jew & Jewish  ·  Jewellery & Jewelery  ·  Jinn  ·  Joan of Arc  ·  Job (Bible)  ·  Job (Work)  ·  John (Bible)  ·  John I & King John  ·  John the Baptist  ·  Johnson, Boris  ·  Joke  ·  Jonah (Bible)  ·  Jordan & Nabataeans & Petra  ·  Joseph (husband of Mary)  ·  Joseph (son of Jacob)  ·  Joshua (Bible)  ·  Josiah (Bible)  ·  Journalism & Journalist  ·  Journey  ·  Joy  ·  Judah & Judea (Bible)  ·  Judas Iscariot (Bible)  ·  Judge & Judgment  ·  Judgment Day  ·  Jungle  ·  Jupiter  ·  Jury  ·  Just  ·  Justice  

★ Jew & Jewish

Jew & Jewish: see Israel & Israelites & Zionism & World War II & Religion & Bible & Old Testament & Jerusalem & Solomon & David & Mount Herman & Palestine & Middle East & Moses & Abraham & Orthodox

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19.  If I thought the Jews killed God, I’d worship the Jews.  (God & Jesus & Jew & Kill)  Bill Hicks



84,530.  His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will bring their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.  (Palestine & Israel & Zion & Jew)  Arthur James Balfour, letter to Lord Rothschild 2nd November 1917



2,239.  Cleaning woman Maria on knees scooping Mr Creosote’s sick: Well I’ve worked in worse places, philosophically speaking.  Yeah, I used to work in the Academie Francaise.  But it didn’t do me any good at all.  And I once worked in the Library – in the Prada – in Madrid.  They didn’t teach me nothing I recall.  And the Library of Congress you’d have thought would hold some key but it didn’t.  And neither did the Bodleian Library.  In the British Museum I hoped to find some clue.  I worked there from nine to six when everybody was through, but it didn’t teach me nothing about Life’s mystery.  I just kept getting older.  It got more difficult to see till eventually me eyes went and me arthritis got bad.  So now I’m cleaning up in here.  But I can’t be really sad.  ’Cause you see I feel Life’s just a game.  You sometimes win or lose.  And although I may be down right now at least I don’t work for Jews.  (Meaning of Life & Work & Game & Jew)  Monty Pythons The Meaning of Life 1983 starring Graham Chapman & John Cleese & Terry Gilliam & Eric Idle & Terry Jones & Michael Palin & Carol Cleveland & Patricia Quinn & Judy Loe & Simon Jones & Matt Frewer et al, director Terry Jones



5,726.  When asked merely if they accept evolution 45% of Americans say yes.  The figure is 70% in China.  When the movie Jurassic Park was shown in Israel, it was condemned by some Orthodox rabbis because it accepted evolution and because it taught that dinosaurs lived a hundred million years ago – when, as is plainly stated at every Rosh Hashanah and every Jewish wedding ceremony, the Universe is less than six thousand years old.  (Evolution & Jew)  Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark p325



75,518.  The Anti-Semite doesn’t know me, but he hates me.  Actually, he hated me even before I was born.  Help us fight it.  Help us disarm it.  For hatred is dangerous.  Hatred is contagious.  He or she who hates Jews, hates all minorities.  All those who are different.  He or she who hates Jews will end up hating everybody.  And then himself.  (Hate & Racism & Jew)  Elie Wiesel, United Nations Anti-Semitism conference



12,345.  Christianity’s greatest ever lie – that the Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus on the Cross.  This simple untruth laid the foundations for centuries of brutal and bloody anti-Semitism, ending with the Nazi-led holocaust of the Second World War.  (Jesus & Bible & New Testament & Christianity & Jew)  Dr Robert Beckford, The Hidden Story of Jesus, Channel 4 2007


12,346.  There are some Jews who do believe in Jesus.  (Jesus & Bible & New Testament & Jew)  ibid.



12,467.  ‘Let his blood be upon us and on our children’: the words have resounded through the ages and shaped Jewish/Christian relations for the last two-thousand years.  (Jesus & Bible & New Testament & Christianity & Jew)  Who Killed Jesus? BBC 2004  



12,721.  Christianity starts as a dissident movement within Judaism – so already there’s tension between Judaism and the Jesus movement as it takes place.  Certainly also, preaching about a kingdom is going to make the Romans nervous.  They have a kingdom that they’re happy with.  So we have a charismatic leader with a message that challenges both religious and secular authorities.  (Christianity & Roman Empire & Jew)  Professor Eugene Gallagher, Connecticut University



12,722.  The Jewish sect then is a group which sees itself as Jews, recognises that there are other Jews out there but claims that those other Jews out there have it all wrong.  (Christianity & Jew)  Professor Shaye J D Cohen



12,779.  Christianity originated in devout Judaism, and yet for Jews, Christianity has all things considered been a calamity.  (Christianity & New Testament & Jesus & Jew)  Howard Jacobson, Christianity: A History: Jesus the Jew, Channel 4 20009


12,781.  And there for Jews is the nub of it: how could Jesus be the messiah if he fulfilled none of the Old Testament prophecies?  (Christianity & Jew & Jesus & Old Testament)  ibid.


12,783.  For Judas read the Jews.  (Christianity & Judas & Jew)  ibid.  



12,910.  Anti-semitism was preached as an official doctrine of the church until 1964 – do you think that might have something to do with public opinion in Austria and Bavaria and Poland and Lithuania – that the Jewish people were accused collectively of deicide?  (Catholicism & Prejudice & Jew & Racism)  Christopher Hitchens, with Stephen Fry v the Catholic Church, debate 2009



49,717.  And thus to my final and most melancholy point: a great number of Stalin’s enforcers and henchmen in Eastern Europe were Jews.  And not just a great number, but a great proportion.  The proportion was especially high in the secret police and ‘security’ departments, where no doubt revenge played its own part, as did the ideological attachment to Communism that was so strong among internationally minded Jews at that period: Jews like David Szmulevski.  There were reasonably strong indigenous Communist forces in Czechoslovakia and East Germany, but in Hungary and Poland the Communists were a small minority and knew it, were dependent on the Red Army and aware of the fact, and were disproportionately Jewish and widely detested for that reason.  Many of the penal labor camps constructed by the Nazis were later used as holding pens for German deportees by the Communists, and some of those who ran these grim places were Jewish.  Nobody from Israel or the diaspora who goes to the East of Europe on a family-history fishing-trip should be unaware of the chance that they will find out both much less and much more than the package-tour had promised them.  It’s easy to say, with Albert Camus, ‘neither victims nor executioners.’  But real history is more pitiless even than you had been told it was.  (Communism & Jew & Soviet Union)  Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir


58,316.  As a convinced atheist, I ought to agree with Voltaire that Judaism is not just one more religion, but in its way the root of religious evil.  Without the stern, joyless rabbis and their 613 dour prohibitions, we might have avoided the whole nightmare of the Old Testament, and the brutal, crude wrenching of that into prophecy-derived Christianity, and the later plagiarism and mutation of Judaism and Christianity into the various rival forms of Islam.  Much of the time I do concur with Voltaire, but not without acknowledging that Judaism is dialectical.  There is, after all, a specifically Jewish version of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, with a specifically Jewish name – the Haskalah – for itself.  The term derives from the word for ‘mind’ or ‘intellect’, and it is naturally associated with ethics rather than rituals, life rather than prohibitions, and assimilation over ‘exile’ or ‘return’.  It's everlastingly linked to the name of the great German teacher Moses Mendelssohn, one of those conspicuous Jewish hunchbacks who so upset and embarrassed Isaiah Berlin.  (The other way to upset or embarrass Berlin, I found, was to mention that he himself was a cousin of Menachem Schneerson, the ‘messianic’ Lubavitcher rebbe.)  However, even pre-enlightenment Judaism forces its adherents to study and think, it reluctantly teaches them what others think, and it may even teach them how to think also.  ibid.


84,554.  Actually – and this was where I began to feel seriously uncomfortable – some such divine claim underlay not just ‘the occupation’ but the whole idea of a separate state for Jews in Palestine.  Take away the divine warrant for the Holy Land and where were you, and what were you?  Just another land-thief like the Turks or the British, except that in this case you wanted the land without the people.  And the original Zionist slogan – ‘a land without a people for a people without a land’ – disclosed its own negation when I saw the densely populated Arab towns dwelling sullenly under Jewish tutelage.  You want irony?  How about Jews becoming colonizers at just the moment when other Europeans had given up on the idea?  (Palestine & Israel & Israelites & Zion & Jew)  ibid. 


58,270.  It is impossible to underestimate the way in which the vilest kinds of anti-Semitism have recrudesced in an Islamist not a religious form.  Christopher Hitchens, in conversation with Martin Amis


58,150.  It hasn’t made Jews safer.  It hasn’t made them more popular.  It isn’t the alternative to the Diaspora.  (Israel & Jew)  ibid.



95,984.  The Orthodox Jews are not blameless here.  By claiming to be ‘chosen’ in a special exclusive covenant with the Almighty, they invited hatred and suspicion and evinced their own form of racism.  (Jew & Orthodox)  Christopher Hitchens, God is Not Great p250  



12,945.  During World War II the Vatican was criticised for supporting Hitler and his Nazi regime.  To this day the Vatican is still under investigation for plundering Nazi gold from the Swiss bank accounts of Jewish holocaust victims.  Over the past five decades more than one thousand five hundred bishops have been identified in the sexual assault of tens of thousands of boys and girls in their trusting congregations and orphanages.  Why is this filthy rich institution preaching spiritual values of poverty and chastity while cardinals, bishops and priests cover up their crimes of sexual abuse?  Why has the Church fought and resisted the compensation claims of their sexually, emotionally and spiritually traumatised victims?  (Christianity & Jew & Children & Abuse & World War II & Vatican & Nazis)  Ring of Power, 2008 



26,521.  If world Jewry drags Germany into another war, that will be the end of the Jews in Europe.  (World War II & Nazis: Hitler & Jew)  Adolf Hitler



58,360.  The ultimate, unshakeable goal must be the complete elimination of the Jews.  (Jew & Nazis: Hitler)  Adolf Hitler



58,361.  The Jew is always just a parasite in the body of other nations.  (Jew & Nazis: Hitler)  Adolf Hitler



58,362.  The Jewish problem can only be solved by brute force.  (Jew & Nazi: Hitler)  Adolf Hitler