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Young: see Child & Age & Youth & Teenager & School & Family

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9,431.  The idea is to die young as late as possible.  (Death & Young)  Ashley Montagu



94,320.  When all the world is young, lad,

And all the trees are green;

And every goose a swan, lad,

And every lass a queen;

Then hey for boot and horse, lad,

And round the world away:

Young blood must have its course, lad,

And every dog its day.  (Youth & Young)  Charles Kingsley, Young and Old 1863



32,134.  Young people are the same as they always were – just as ignorant.  (Elizabeth II & Royal Family & Young & Youth)  Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme 2006



94,330.  Time cancels young pain.  (Young & Pain)  Euripides, Alcestis, 438 B.C.



73,355.  When you’re young, you suddenly find this marvellous freedom.  (Artist & Young)  David Hockney, televised interview cited Hockney BBC 2015



94,309.  Being young is greatly overestimated ... Any failure seems so total.  Later on you realize you can have another go.  Mary Quant, interview Observer 5th May 1996



94,310.  Live as long as you may, the first twenty years are the longest half of your life.  Robert Southey, The Doctor 1812



94,311.  In our dreams we are always young.  Sarah Louise Delany


94,312.  Whom the gods love dies young.  (Young & Gods)  Menander 342-c.292 B.C.



94,313.  The atrocious crime of being a young man.  William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, speech House of Commons 2nd March 1741



94,314.  You that are old consider not the capacities of us that are young.  William Shakespeare, II Henry IV I ii 174-175, Sir John to Lord Chief Justice



94,315.  Young gentlemen, your spirits are too bold for your years.  William Shakespeare, As You Like It I ii 162-163, Celia



94,316.  The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything.  Oscar Wilde



41,450.  When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.  (Money & Young)  Oscar Wilde



94,317.  Young alienation, disappointment and heartache is all a part of the first real growing up that we do.  Judd Nelson



1,057.  Here dead lie we because we did not choose

To live and shame the land from which we sprung. 

Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose;

But young men think it is, and we were young.  (Life’s Like That & Death & Shame & Youth & Young)  A E Housman



94,319.  When I was one-and-twenty

I heard a wise man say,

‘Give crowns and pounds and guineas

But not your heart away;

Give pearls away and rubies,

But keep your fancy free.’

But I was one and twenty,

No use of talk to me.  (Young & Youth)  A E Housman, A Shropshire Land



6,165.  The secret message communicated to most young people today by the society around them is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself quite nicely until they – at some distant point in the future – will take over the reins.  Yet the fact is that the society is not running itself nicely ... because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination and talent that young people can bring to bear down on our difficulties.  For society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the full participation of even very young people is imbecile.  (Society & Youth & Young)  Alvin Toffler



24,614.  I can’t help noticing what a handsome young man you have here.  (Star Trek & Youth & Young)  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Cardassians s2e5, Garak to young Cardassian



28,144.  Mein Fuhrer – our young generation models itself upon you.  You demonstrate the greatest selflessness in our nation, so these young people want to be selfless too.  (Nazi & Youth & Young)  Baldur von Schirach 



28,148.  I bear the guilt of having trained the young.  (Nazi & Youth & Young)  Baldur von Schirach



61,623.  What should young people do with their lives today?  Many things, obviously.  But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.  (Community & Young & Loneliness)  Kurt Vonnegut



94,339.  Youth is wasted on the young.  (Youth & Young)  George Bernard Shaw



94,724.  It is always the same story ... the more young people have the more they want, and the less thanks one gets.  Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh


94,725.  Point to the young people of some acquaintances as models of perfection and impress your own children with a deep sense of their own inferiority.  ibid.



74,202.  ‘It was a good time to be young.’  (Gangstas & England & Motorbike & 1960s & Young)  Timeshift: Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem, BBC 2014, female rocker