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York & Yorkshire
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★ York & Yorkshire

York & Yorkshire: see England & Great Britain & United Kingdom & Europe & European Union & Countryside

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92,719.  York.  Founded by the Romans, by the ninth century A.D. this was one of the great Christian cities of Anglo-Saxon England.  But York had a shock coming.  Because in 886 A.D. an entire army arrived here and turned the place Viking.  (Viking & York)  Neil Oliver, Vikings I, BBC 2012



73,489.  I have had an amazingly fortunate life.  I’m a child from Yorkshire, which is sort of like Cleveland without the pretty bits.  Jeremy Clarkson



94,306.  I come from Yorkshire in England where we like to eat chip sandwiches – white bread, butter, tomato ketchup and big fat French fries cooked in beef dripping.  (Yorkshire & Eat)  Helen Fielding



94,307.  I am never at my best in the early morning, especially a cold morning in the Yorkshire spring with a piercing March wind sweeping down from the fells, finding its way inside my clothing, nipping at my nose and ears.  James Herriot



94,308.  I would have died for Yorkshire.  I suppose once or twice I nearly did.  Brian Close, cricketer



99,364.  Menwith Hill is a US listening base in Britain; it’s in Yorkshire, it’s enormous, it’s the place with enormous golf balls  … It was set up in the ’50s to spy on the Russians … Expanding: and the bulk of the work they do is commercial spying … A [lost] lease to an enormous Ministry of Defence site … Mark Thomas Comedy Product s3e7  



112,617.  It remains one of the grisliest finds in ancient archeaology.  Uncovered in York the skeletons of 80 battle-scared men, many brutally decapitated.  Their deaths were gruesome but their burials defied known conventions.  These were violent men who were respected; shackled in life but buried with treasure … So who were these battle-hardened men?  Ancient Mysteries s2e3: Headless Gladiators, Channel 5 2017



82,086.  In its long history it’s witnessed all sort of malice and mayhem … a castle packed with thrilling stories that go back nearly 2,000 years.  (Castle & York)  Dan Jones, Secrets of Great British Castles s2e3: York Castle


82,087.  For almost 2,000 years the Romans, Vikings, Normans, Kings of medieval England have all seized upon the strategic importance of this site.  (Castle & York)  ibid.


116,497.  The Viking and English forces that rose up against the Normans in the summer of 1069 destroyed the first wooden castle that William the Conqueror had erected at York.  (Castle & York)  ibid.


116,498.  York’s 150 Jews fled into the castle seeking safety and protection from the sheriff.  (Castle & York)  ibid.



135,376.  Since the lockdown began almost a quarter of a million babies have been born in the UK.  I’ve come to Bradford to spend a week on the front-line of a maternity unit finding out how the pandemic has hit pregnancy and birth.  (Coronavirus & Birth & Pregnancy & Baby & Yorkshire)  Panorama: Stacey Dooley & the Lockdown Babies  


135,377.  What is the new normal for babies born in 2020?  (Coronavirus & Birth & Pregnancy & Baby & Yorkshire)  ibid.  


135,378.  This is Bradford Royal Infirmary.  Over 5,500 babies are born here every year.  But over the last few months maternity services have had to change radically to keep women and children safe.  (Coronavirus & Birth & Pregnancy & Baby & Yorkshire)  ibid.



140,310.  Wharram Percy: An abandoned medieval village with evidence of appalling crimes; a burial pit containing at least ten mutilated bodies … 137 dismembered bones in 3 shallow pits … A terrible crime was committed in this peaceful English village 500 years ago.  (Conspiracy & Yorkshire)  Conspiracies Decoded s1e2: Mystery at Alcatraz, Discovery 2022