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Yeti & Abominable Snowman
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★ Yeti & Abominable Snowman

Yeti & Abominable Snowman: see Cryptozoology & Bigfoot & Neanderthal & Almas & Russia & Mongolia & Asia & Nepal & Tibet & China & Mythology

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This is the hunt for the abominable snowman.  Gerry Moffatt is an explorer ... He has heard the tales they tell about the Yeti.  And over the years he has begun to wonder  could there be any truth behind the myth?  Only westerners call it the Abominable Snowman  the name was dreamt up in the 1920s.  Abominable Snowman


If the idea of a gorilla-like creature striding on two legs through the mountains of Nepal is unbelievable, some people argue is not impossible.  ibid.


There’s no hard proof these creatures exist.  ibid.



There are hundreds of footprints and thousands of sightings.  Igor Burtsev, hominologist



From the Yeti of the snow-peaked Himalayas to the Almasty of Russia and the Sasquatch of the western USA every culture has a name for it ... Its about hunting for answers.  Bigfoot Files, Channel 4 2013


The Himalayas is the birthplace of the Yeti ... Sightings are rare and evidence is scant ... Every part of the Himalayas has its own Bigfoot legend.  ibid.


Polar Bear + Brown Bear = ‘really important scientific discovery’.  ibid.



A Yeti came and attacked me and threw me in the river.  His face was very black and looked like a very old man.  Lakhpa Domani, televised interview



What eventually convinced me that they were there was meeting with the Sherpas and talking to them face to face.  The Sherpas viewed the Yeti as a real living creature.  Peter Byrne, explorer & expedition leader



I came across a line of footprints.  Peter Byrne



So we went back up the temple and he showed me this hand.  About the size of a human hand cut off at the wrist.  I considered it very significant.  And I took some pictures of it immediately.  Peter Byrne  



To the Sherpas he has got a conical scalp, rather pointed ears, splayed nose, he’s shaggy, he’s bald around his chest and tummy, and has a fairly human face.  He is very nasty tempered.  Desmond Doig, expedition with Edmund Hillary



In 1951 photographs of footprints were taken on the borders of Tibet by the late Eric Shipton and Dr Michael Ward.  Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious World, ITV 1980 



And I looked at the Sherpa, and he said, Yeti coming, saab. ... A black shape dropped behind the ridge ... It shot across the whole slope of the mountain.  Don Whillans



Sherpas refer to the Yeti as ‘the rock living animal’.  Unexplained Mysteries



Coming down a mountain, two hikers get a startling glimpse of what appears to be a large hairy creature trudging through the thick snow.  Unexplained Mysteries



In another part of the valley Tom Slick and his Sherpa guides discovered a similar set of tracks.  A plaster-cast of the footprint was shipped to the US to be analysed.  The print measured ten inches long and seven inches wide.  It was similar to the footprint discovered by Eric Shipton six years earlier.  Unsolved Mysteries


In February of 1958 Peter Byrne embarked on another expedition ...  The photographs of the Yeti hand were unlike anything science has seen before ... The [stolen] finger was brought back to London to be examined ... We asked the University of California to analyse it.  The results were inconclusive.  But seemed to indicate that the tissue was probably taken from a human hand.  Meanwhile, the sightings of Yeti continue.  ibid.



I can tell that it’s a primate.  It’s a large primate that has no business being there.  But it is there.  Richard Greenwell, cryptozoologist, having analysed hikers’ film



There’s no food; there’s no shelter; it’d freeze to death.  Gerry Moffat



1959: The hikers never returned.  After they were reported missing a massive search and rescue operation was launched ... What they found was horrifying.  Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, Discovery 2014


The last photo taken by the hikers before they died appears to show mysterious lights in the sky.  ibid.


‘Something ripped out the tongue of this woman.’  ibid.  investigator


‘These footprints were never recorded as part of the official case.’  ibid.  


Indigenous Russian people thousands of kilometres apart have described creatures with the exact same characteristics.  ibid.



It is highly possible that that kind of creature may exist.  Dr Soyam Prakash Shrestha, Nepal Agricultural Research Council



An outbreak of recent sightings of the Abominable Snowman in the mountains of Nepal.  Destination Truth s2e1, Skyfy 2008


Josh makes a discovery that shocks the world.  ibid.


Sightings have been regularly recorded for over a thousand years, with nearly identical descriptions.  ibid.


Josh: There is a footprint down here.  ibid.



Josh travels to one of the world’s most isolated nations – the kingdom of Butan – following an outbreak of recent sightings of the Yeti, known the world over as the Abominable Snowman.  Destination Truth s3e9


Although he is classically depicted by many locals as having reddish brown hair, late twentieth-century reports evolved to tales of thick white fur.  ibid.


There are no large primates in Butan, and the doctors believe that we may well have tangible evidence of an unknown animal.  ibid.



Josh and his team brave the icy frontier of Southern Russia on their global quest to find evidence of Bigfoot.  Following new sightings of this Siberian snowman the team races across this frozen wasteland.  Destination Truth s4e5



There is precious little in civilization to appeal to a Yeti.  Edmund Hillary



There is precious little hard, scientific evidence to go on.  On the other hand, I have talked to a lot of people who live in the high Himalayas.  Mark Evans, Yeti: Myth, Man or Beast? Channel 4 2016


Some kind of polar bear hybrid?  This bold idea certainly captured the headlines.  ibid.  


We tend to think of ourselves as the only humans.  ibid.



Could the shocking deaths of nine Russian students be linked to the existence of a terrifying creature in Siberia?  The Unexplained Files s1e7, Discovery 2017 


2012: A similar creature was apparently captured on camera.  ibid.


Ural Mountains, Russia: In the winter of 1959 nine friends from college set off from a 16-day trek into the snowy wilderness … They were all trained and competent hikers.  ibid. 


The tent was in tatters and all of the team’s survival equipment had been left strewn around.  ibid.


They found tracks nearby  but these weren’t made by skis.  ibid.  


Three bodies lay in a straight line and appeared to be fighting hard before they died.  ibid.


‘A bright object falling towards the ground at high speed  a phenomenon the group must have witnessed.’  ibid.  investigator  


‘All of the students had been severely injured.’  ibid.  


A photograph recovered from one of the students: it shows a strange tall creature lurking in the woods.  ibid.


50 years later and over 1,550 kilometres east of the Urals … evidence has been reported of another creature similar to the one photographed by the students.  ibid.


There have been numerous reported sightings of Yeti-like creatures in Russia’s eastern provinces, thirteen in the last four years.  ibid.