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Love in Bloom


I loved thee in thy springtime blush of youth

Life ripens, glisters autumn shades of gold

Now crumbles dread  too soon has turned to grey.


Those happy days.  I love thee of a truth,

And keep thee close as when I once did hold

Thee in my arms  too soon have blown away

Those days like leaves.


Yet Life retains thy love for me

To blossom, dear,

As sure my love for thee.  [2002]  






Now here’s the wild and wonderful thing

about mushrooms: a cascading, heavenly rainbow shower

of pulsating red angel-cells.  

Eat all you can!  

Yum yum!  

Scrumbly scrum

And then some.  

Scoffing like an elf or hobgoblin.  

Till you’re sick to the stomach.

Here blows more and more light-showers

of iridescent red.


Jesus wants me to count my many sunbeams.

Now we’re green.

Down to earth.    [2007]