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Magic Mushrooms


Here’s the amazing, wild and wonderful thing

about mushrooms:  a cascading, heavenly rainbow shower

of pulsating red angel-cells.  Eat all you can!  Yum yum!

And then some.  Scoffing like an elf

or a hobgoblin.  Till you’re sick to the stomach.

Here blows more and more and

more light-showers of iridescent red.

Heaven is red!


Get your own.


Down to earth.  [2007]                                                                      




Pearl Fishers


Fishermen off the island of Tamarind

Wear stone blocks

Around their necks and ankles

Which keep them underwater

Till their deaths.


Unless a pearl-minded friend

Bewitched by a spout of mercy

Notices the flute of bubbles

And offers a hand of relief

To prolong the Torture of Life.  [2007]                                                




The Happy Hangman


‘Death’s dredger delayed,’ cries the Skull and the Cloak,

I wait down at heart, the quay at low tide,


My friends are the rats, the rope and the rocks,

The Ferryman screams by the gate of the docks.


The depths of my soul enracked with my guilt,

To pay for my sins my blood will be spilt,


Too fallen to feel my life has been robbed

My offences to Heaven rise with the smog.


Betwixt Heav’n and Hell my name fit for curse

No appeal judge me granted, my case unrehearsed.                 


Help never coming, no clear path to steer,

Life my tormentor, my enemy clear.  [2007]                                       




The Penthouse


I have a flea.


He lives in the mat

By my feet.


I wonder

If he curses God

And hopes to die


Like me,

Or maybe Life is rosy

And complete

By sucking the blood


Of my feet.

Regurgitates Shakespeare

For fun, this fiend;

Fires his belly i’ the sun.

Live and let live, says the flea.  [2009]