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Northfields (1998)


In private collection




Dorset Drifter


When I lope along those country lanes

I shall think of ’ee - aye, I shall,

Sudden bluebells blast my eyes

And the imperial yew tree,

For a wee hopping sparrow

I stop.  And blink.

And hope,

Aye, maybe I was one who used to notice such things too.


One who used to notice such things?

Aye, suits me well,

Ah!  Sentiment o’ bliss!

Yet in a blink,

’Tis sad to muse much we missed.


Down.  Down those country lanes

I reign and sigh,

I was never so high

As when I used to notice such things.


Hardy is in his Heaven

And all is right with the world.


Aye.  [1998]                                                                                    




I’ll Love Thee


I’ll love thee in thy springtime blush of youth,

Or when Life passes autumn shades of gold

And russet-red - too soon have turned to grey

Those happy days.  I’ll love thee of a truth,

Aye, keep thee close as when I once did hold

Thee in my arms - so soon have blown away

Those days like leaves.

Yet ’ere remains thy love for me

To blossom, dear,

As will my love for thee.  [2002]                                                        








Last last chance to erase

The nauseating sweetness of Life.

One chance

To crush the pain

And slip like soft velvet

Out of here.




And into a magic dreamland

Of crystal sparkling chandeliers

Soft honey waves of pleasure, my dear.




But pain stabs back

To the heart

To the soul

Like hot needles under the skin

Much like Life.  [2004]