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★ Zodiac

Zodiac: see Astrology & Constellation & New Age & Space & Astronomy & Mythology & Religion & Superstition & Belief & Future & Aquarius & Murder Cases: Zodiac Killer

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You know what we need?  New Zodiac signs … that represent today’s reality: the serial rapist, the lone gunman, the suicide bomber …  George Carlin, Brain Droppings audio  



The modern ideas about the Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius are based upon the location of the vernal equinox in the regions of the stars of those constellations.  But the regions, the borders between those constellations, are a completely modern convention of the International Astronomical Union for the purpose of mapping and never had any astrological significance.  Dr Noel M Swerdlow



Twelve are Zodiac constellations: but in reality there are thirteen.  The Universe s2e10: Constellations, History 2008


Within each constellation stars are born while others are swallowed by black holes.  Every supernova explosion, exotic star and nebula, has one thing in common: they are identified in the constellation in which they are located.  But even before we invented high-powered telescopes to see them, constellations served an important purpose: they brought people the nightly news.  ibid.


Like countries, constellations divide the sky into territories.  ibid.



Satan’s Zodiacal image is Capricornus the leaping goat, the goat head (Baphomet).  Aleister Crowley



We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the Zodiac.  The Zodiac is well worth flirting with.  D H Lawrence



We say then that the patriarchs are simply the signs of the Zodiac.   Madame Helena Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled II 



A few examples ... The twelve apostles of the sun ... The twelve tribes of Israel ... The twelve great patriarchs ... All these examples and countless more derive from the ancient world’s fascination with the twelve signs of the Zodiac.  Jordan Maxwell, That Old-Time Religion



The Precession of the Equinoxes  the ancient Egyptians along with other cultures long before them noticed that approximately every 2,100 years the sunrise on the morning of the Spring Equinox would appear in a different sign of the Zodiac ... They referred to every 2,100-year period as an Age ... And in and around A.D. 2150 we will enter a new age – the age of Aquarius.  Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist 



July 5 1969 12:40 a.m. Vallejo California: a brutal attack in the heart of rural California.  Two young bodies riddled with bullets.  Then the awful realisation: this caller knows two much about the crime.  The dispatcher has just spoken to the Zodiac killer.  Mysteryquest s1e3: San Francisco Slaughter, History 2009


Taunted the police with confessions over the phone.  And toyed with them sending mysterious cryptic messages.  ibid.


He [Informant] also reveals his suspect’s name: former San Francisco journalist and film-maker Richard Gaikowski ... The tapes will allow the team to compare the voice of Gaikowski to the one heard by the Vallejo police dispatcher.  ibid.



New York: On 21st June 1990 a homeless man sleeping on this bench in Central Park woke to find a man standing over him.  Without a word the man shot him in the body with a .38 pistol and walked off into the park ... Police found a note, which was signed Zodiac, and seemed to show a knowledge of the victim’s astrological sign.  The gunman signed off with a symbol which had become familiar with an unsolved series of killings in San Francisco some twenty years earlier by a killer who also signed himself off Zodiac.  Great Crimes & Trials s3e22: The Zodiac Killers, BBC 1996


Zodiac announced that he intended to fill the circle with victims of the appropriate signs.  He also claimed to be the San Francisco Zodiac killer, returned to strike more victims as he had promised over twenty years before.  Police doubted this since the victims were sure that their attacker had been black.  ibid.



The 40-year search for the Zodiac Killer remains a mystifying cold case.  True Crime With Aphrodite Jones s1e5: Zodiac Killer, ID 2010


Deborah Perez claims it was her father.  ibid.


During the last forty years hundreds of people have come forward to claim that their fathers, sons, neighbours and friends are the man known as the Zodiac.  ibid.


Three shocking letters arrive ... Included in the letter was a puzzle, a cryptogram.  ibid.


Another letter arrives.  This time the killer identifies himself for the first time as the Zodiac.  ibid.


Dennis Kaufman has spent a long time trying to convince people that his stepfather was The Zodiac.  ibid.



Stalking the Zodiac: Cops set traps for elusive killer.  Daily News headline



Night Of The Zodiac.  New York Post headline



Zodiac Writes Post Again.  New York Post headline



This was an extremely new kind of killer.  People were not prepared for this kind of psychopath.  Michael Butterfield, author



July 4 1969 – Vallejo, CA: Don’t worry about it; it’s nothing.  Zodiac 2007 starring Mark Ruffalo & Jake Gyllenhaal & Robert Downey junior & Anthony Edwards & Brian Cox & Charles Fleischer & Zach Grenier & Philip Baker Hall et al, director David Fincher, her to him


I also killed those kids last year.  Goodbye.  ibid.  Zodiacs phone call


Before I kill you Im going to throw your baby out the window.  ibid.  Zodiac



Solano County, California, Friday 20 December 1968: ‘The first victim a male, he was lying outside of the passenger door of the vehicle; it appeared he had a gunshot wound above the left ear … To the rear of the vehicle a female victim approximately 29-30 feet, face down, and had been shot multiple times.’  This is the Zodiac Speaking, Pierre Bidou, 2007



The Zodiac Killer: America’s most infamous unidentified serial killer.  Seen only in glimpses.  Heard only in his taunting letters.  He said he hid his name in code.  The Zodiac Killer: Case Closed s1e1: The New Suspect? History 2017


Between 1968 and 1970 terrorised the people of northern California.  ibid. 


He sent dozens of letters to the media promising constant death and destruction.  ibid.


In his letters he claimed a total of 37.  ibid



The Riverside Killer and the Zodiac Killer both used the word squirm and misspelled the word twitch in their writings.  The Zodiac Killer: Case Closed? s1e2: The Military Connection  


Their top suspect: Ross Sullivan.  ibid.  


The ‘Zodiac’ Linked to 1963 Slayings: Santa Barbara … If true, that would mean the elusive killer was spreading death and terror across the entire state of California and had begun his killing spree five years earlier than officially believed.  ibid.


‘This is now the third Zodiac outlier case that’s giving us military connections.’  ibid.  investigator


Lawrence Kane: Navy man; trained in code-writing.  ibid.



The Zodiac Killer: infamous, unidentified.  Between 1968 and 1970 the Zodiac terrorised America leaving seven victims in his wake; but in his letters he claimed a total of 37.  To this day his identity remains unknown.  The Zodiac Killer: Case Closed? s1e3: A New Code Uncovered


‘He had a plaque of the Zodiac.’  ibid.  Larry Lowe, acquaintance of Lawrence Kane



A lead from the Tahoe police department: they were sent a Donna Lass reward poster after her disappearance; on it another pictogram.  The Zodiac Killer: Case Closed? s1e4: The Secret FBI Files


‘The Albany [New York] letter … is The Zodiac writing.’  ibid.  Graphologist


‘We can now connect Lawrence Kane and Ross Sullivan to Albany, New York.’  ibid.  investigator