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   'When I was about 14 or so, I went to a combined mutual night (all the teenaged boys and girls together).

   'We were all given make believe airline tickets and told we were all going on a flight to a fun and exciting tropical paradise. 

   'Some of the adult members were dressed as stewardesses, pilot etc.  We all boarded this make believe plane (between the chapel and cultural hall where there is a twelve-foot wide space between the big curtain dividers).  They served us snacks and tried hard to make it seem real.  Most of us were cutting up, not paying much attention because the whole thing was a little pre-adolescent.

   'Then it happened.  The pilot comes on and says we have some sort of engine trouble, they blink the lights for about a minute while engine noises, wind and stuff are piped through the sound system then some sort of plane crash noise.  Some of us boys are still carrying on hamming it up screaming like the girls etc.  Then all goes quiet and everything goes dark.

   'One of the leaders then states, ‘You are all dead now.’  Things got pretty serious at this point.  We all got sober.  It wasn’t funny anymore.

   'Then a few lights went on and an adult member came in dressed in white and started saying things like, ‘Were you ready to die tonight?  Your time is up and it’s too late to repent.  Where will you go?  Will you be with your family forever or somewhere else? etc.  Some of the girls started crying and everything really hit an all-time low.'  Inconceivable, board post 10th November 2007 The Plane Crash


A red warning light should be flashing atop the air-headed traffic-control-tower of the responsible adult but no power under God’s Heaven is sufficient to stop hijacked runaway analogy:


   'Our high counselor gave a talk on the Book of Mormon and described approvingly of the most horrible object lesson I have ever heard.

   'He said that his seminary teacher told the class that he had a dead baby girl underneath a sheet.  The class didn’t believe him.

   'He invited three witnesses to come up and look under the sheet.  They came and left shaken and affirmed what he had said.

   'He invited eight witnesses to come and look underneath the sheet.  They left declaring that he had spoken the truth.

   'He asked the class who believed him now.  They all believed him.  He applied this to the Book of Mormon witnesses and then removed the sheet and revealed a fetus preserved in formaldehyde in a jar.

   'WTF!  The high counselor drilled into us that in like manner the Book of Mormon witnesses prove it to be true.  I felt sick.

   'How could they objectify a baby girl like that and then self-righteously oppose abortion?  How could they make such a sad, sick, and tasteless comparison?  In seminary and sacrament meeting with lots of little kids listening?

   'WTF!  This surprised even me.'   captainmoroni, board post 16th January 2012 Object Lessons in Sacrament




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