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Kidnap (II)
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★ Kidnap (II)

Kidnap (II): see Kidnap (I) & Law & Crime & Gangstas & GBH Films & Children & Family & Abuse & Cruelty & Paedophilia & Murder & Torture

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98,474.  We’re going to see some wrestling.  Some say I’m crazy.  (GBH Films & Wrestling & Kidnap & Heists UK)  Freedom to Die 1961 starring Paul Maxwell & Felicity Young & Bruce Seton & Kay Callard & T P McKenna & Laurie Leigh & James Neylin & Dermon Tuohy & Charlie Byrne & James Fitzgerald & Desmond Perry et al, director Francis Searle, him to her


98,475.  Get rid of him, Mike, and make it neat.  (GBH Films & Kidnap & Heists UK)  ibid.  gangstas  



99,049.  £50,000 in cash.  The police are going to be a little unhappy.  (Gangstas UK & Heists UK & Kidnap)  Naked Fury 1959 starring Reed de Rowen & Kenneth Cope & Ligh Madison & Arthur Lovegrove & Alexander Field & Tommy Eytle & Ann Lynn & Marianne Brauns & Arthur Gross et al, director Charles Saunders, gang leader with American accent



74,389.  Listen carefully.  Your wife has been taken.  (GBH Films & Kidnap) Getaway 2013 starring Ethan Hawke & Selena Gomez & Jon Voight & Rebecca Budig & Paul Freeman & Bruce Payne & et al, director Courtney Solomon, gangsta to Hawke



21,917.  There is nothing anybody can prove against me.  Nothing.  (GBH Films & Proof & Gangstas: London & Kidnap)  Impact 1963 starring Conrad Philips & George Pastell & Ballard Berkeley & Linda Marlowe & Richard Klee & John Rees & Anita West & Frank Pettitt et al, director Peter Maxwell, him to her opening scene


21,918.  The robbery: the mail van with the Midland Pullman Express was robbed of about £60,000.  (GBH Films & Gangstas: London & Kidnap)  ibid.  rozzer to reporter


21,919.  I hope he gets a nice long sentence.  (GBH Films & Gangstas: London & Kidnap)  ibid.  Duke



74,392.  Twenty years in the same room.  Jesus Christ, I’d would have lost my mind.  (GBH Films & Rooms & Kidnap & Revenge)  Oldboy 2013 starring Josh Brolin & Grey Damon & Elizabeth Olsen & Sharlto Copley & Erik Gersovitz & Samuel L Jackson & Michael Imperioli & Brett Lapeyrouse & Linda Emond & James Ransone & Max Casella et al, director Spike Lee



22,040.  Easy money leads to hard labour, my ole’ dad used to say.  (GBH Films & Money & Kidnap)  Clash By Night 1963 starring Terence Longdon & Jennifer Jayne & Harry Fowler & Alan Wheatley & Peter Sallis & John Arnatt & Hilda Fenemore & Arthur Lovegrove & Vanda Godsell & Richard Carpenter, director Montgomery Tully, Mr Peel


22,041.  Everybody hates me.  Except my mother.  (GBH Films & Hate & Kidnap)  ibid.  Victor



74,404.  Fuck it’s cold outside.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  Cold Comes the Night 2013 starring Bryan Cranston & Alice Eve & Logan Marshall-Green & Ursula Parker & Leo Fitzpatrick & Erin Cummings & Robin Lord Taylor & Sarah Sokolovic & Ashlie Atkinson & Robert Prescott et al, director Tze Chun, gangsta to gangsta


74,405.  I collect packages.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  ibid.  rozzer gangsta to bird



74,408.  Don’t move.  Don’t touch that alarm.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  Cellular 2004 starring Jason Statham & Chris Evans & Kim Basinger & William H Macy & Eric Christian Olsen & Matt McColm & Brendan Kelly & Noah Emmerich et al, director David R Ellis, baddies to Basinger



22,494.  High above the city of LA a team of terrorists has seized a building, taken hostages and declared war.  One man has managed to escape.  An off-duty cop hiding somewhere inside.  He’s alone, tired ... and the only chance anyone has got.  (GBH Films & Kidnap & Gangstas: Los Angeles & Heists: Los Angeles)  Die Hard 1988 starring Bruce Willis & Alan Rickman & Alexander Godunov & Bonnie Bedelia & Reginald Vel Johnson & Paul Greason & James Shigeta & Clarence Gilyard junior et al, director John McTiernan, tagline


22,495.  I need the code key, because I am interested in the six hundred and forty million dollars in negotiable bearer bonds that you have locked in your vault. (GBH Films & Kidnap & Gangstas: Los Angeles & Heists: Los Angeles)  ibid.  Rickman



22,877.  Listen to me carefully, Kim.  You mother and I are going to be taken.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  Taken II 2012 starring Liam Neeson & Maggie Grace & Framke Janssen & D B Sweeney & Rade Serbedzija & Leland Orser & Jon Gries & Luke Grimes et al, director Olivier Megaton, Neeson 



97,402.  She was snatched.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  Taken III 2014 starring Liam Neeson & Forest Whitaker & Maggie Grace & Framke Janssen & Dougray Scott & Sam Pruell & Leland Orser & John Gries & David Washofsky & Jonny Weston & Don Harvey & Dylan Bruno et al, director Olivier Megaton 



22,555.  The guy kidnapped an eleven-year-old girl.  He molested, murdered and moo-tilated her.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  Raw Deal 1986 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Kathryn Harrold & Darren McGavin & Sam Wanamaker & Paul Shenar & Steven Hill & Robert Davi & Blanche Baker & Steve Holt et al, director John Irvin, Arnold to boss



22,651.  You have no idea who I am, and you talk too much.  (GBH Films & Talk & Kidnap)  The Millionaire Tour 2011 starring Bruce Davison & Dominic Monaghan & Jordan Belfi & Rick Gomez & Agnes Bruckner & Marisa Petroro & DAve Vescio & Laura Spencer et al, director Inon Shampanier, bloke to couple in car



22,715.  Tickets, please.  (GBH Films & Ticket & Kidnap)  Union Station 1950 starring William Holden & Nancy Olsen & Barry Fitzgerald & Lyle Bettger & Jan Sterling & Allene Roberts & Herbert Heyes & James Seay & Parley Baer & Ralph Sanford et al, director Rudolph Mate, conductor


22,716.  Answer the questions and you won’t get hurt.  (GBH Films & Question & Kidnap)  ibid.  Calhoun



22,780.  You scream and the kid will come home and find you in a pool of blood.  (GBH Films & Film Noir & Kidnap)  The Desperate Hours 1955 starring Humphrey Bogart & Fredric March & Arthur Kennedy & Martha Scott & Dewey Martin & Gig Young & Mary Murphy & Robert Middleton et al, director William Wyler, Bogart


22,781.  You ain’t learned yet who’s running this show.  (GBH Films & Film Noir & Kidnap)  ibid.



22,810.  Our government is nothing but a gangster’s joke.  (GBH Films & Government & Kidnap)  The Petrified Forest 1936 starring Bette Davis & Leslie Howard & Humphrey Bogart & Genevieve Tobin & Dick Foran & Joe Sawyer & Porter Hall & Charley Grapewin & Paul Harvey & Eddie Acuff et al, director Archie L Mayo, opening scene


22,811.  Alan, there’s something very appealing about you.  (GBH Films & Kidnap)  ibid.  her to him


22,812.  I’ll bury him out there in the petrified forest.  (GBH Films & Bury & Kidnap)  ibid.



22,840.  Face front.  And keep driving.  (GBH Films & Cars & Film Noir & Kidnap)  The Hitch-Hiker 1953 starring Edmond O'Brien & Frank Lovejoy & William Talman & Jose Torvay & Wendell Niles & Natividad Vacio et al, director Ida Lupino, hitch-hiker


22,841.  You guys are gonna die, that’s all.  It’s just a question of when.  (GBH Films & Film Noir & Kidnap)  ibid.



135,684.  It’s 2016 and Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is travelling home after visiting her parents in Iran.  But she’s stopped from returning to London. Nazanin was jailed for five years on spying charges widely denounced as baseless.  We think she’s being held hostage.  This is the inside story of why it has taken so long to get her and other innocent British prisoners home.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)  Panorama: Hostage in Iran, BBC 2020, Darragh Macintyre reporting


135,685.  Ana Diamond was also arrested while visiting her family in Iran.  She was locked up in the same jail as Nazanin after being sentenced to ten years for spying.  She’s a British-Iranian and she’s been a member of the young Conservatives.  Ana spent 200 days in solitary confinement.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)  ibid.  


135,686.  Britain had helped the Shah of Iran seize absolute power.  But in 1979 the Shah was overthrown by the Islamic revolution.  Relations between the two countries have been hostile ever since.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)  ibid.  


135,687.  In recent years the imprisonment of eight British-Iranian dual nationals has been made public.  But we think there’s more.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)    


135,688.  52 diplomats had been seized from the American embassy in Tehran.  They were only freed after the American government agreed to release $8 billion of Iranian assets which the US had seized.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)  ibid.  


135,689.  But there’s a sticking point when it comes to getting the British prisoners out.  Once again it involves a debt from a 1970s arms deal.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)  ibid.  


135,690.  There have been secret talks about paying the debt off.  (Iran & Kidnap & Debt)  ibid.  



137,723.  Nobody move!  Nobody move!  Get down!  Get down! … Put the guns on the floor … Are you rich? … Jewellery, wallets, in the bag … We contact you.  You bring the money to us, we give you the boy … Everybody on the ground … or the boy dies!  (Gangstas & Spy & Kidnap)  The Night Manager II, BBC 2016, novel John Le Carre, starring Tom Hiddleston & Hugh Laurie & Olivia Colman & Tom Hollander & Elizabeth Debicki & Alistair Petrie & Natasha Little & Douglas Hodge & David Harewood & Tobias Menzies & Antonio de la Toree et al, director Susanne Bier, staged kidnap Spain, BBC 2016



138,130.  Tuesday 19th February 2008 Day 1: Nine months after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann nine year old Shannon Matthews goes missing.  Her disappearance is a total mystery.  It triggers the biggest investigation in the region since the Yorkshire Ripper.  This is a story of deception and betrayal and a plot nobody believed imaginable.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  The Disappearance of Shannon Matthews, Channel 5 2021, captions


138,131.  West Yorkshire Police escalate her disppearance to the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  


138,132.  14 premises with connections to Shannon and here family are searched for any clues to her disappearance.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid. 


138,133.  ‘The last afternoon I saw her something didn’t seem right.  ’Cause someone told her her brother was picked up her up that day after school but he never showed up.’  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  Megan Aldridge, best friend  


138,134.  West Yorkshire Police are attempting to trace and eliminate hundreds of sex offenders living in close proximity to the home of Shannon Matthews.  Investigators are also building up a detailed profile of Shannon Matthews’ family.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  captions  


138,135.  Karen Matthews has been defending her boyfriend Craig Meehan in a series of media interviews.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.      


138,136.  Then Karen Matthews drops a bombshell.  She suggests someone she knows has abducted Shannon.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.      


138,137.  But as the community pulls together, some journalists are becoming increasingly suspicious of Karen and Craig’s behaviour.  They now seem to be relishing the spotlight.  Doubts are also growing amongst the police family liaison officers assigned to Karen.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.      


138,138.  The documentary crew film Karen joking with her neighbour.  She appears comfortable and relaxed.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  journalist      


138,139.  During their inquiries the police receive a tip-off about a local man.  He has not been seen since Shannon went missing three weeks ago: Michael Donovan.  Police head tot Donovan’s house in Batley Carr just one mile from Shannon’s home.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  caption




138,150.  I knew that the voice had come from within the room.  I couldn’t work out where it was coming from.  And then there was some noises from within the double-bed base.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  The Disappearance of Shannon Matthews II, investigating rozzer


138,151.  Two grizzly old detectives with tears in their eyes.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  rozzer #2  


138,152.  Nine year old Shannon Matthews has just been rescued from a flat a mile from her home.  The police are still searching for her suspected abductor, Michael Donovan.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  captions


138,153.  She didn’t ask any questions about the child’s welfare.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.  rozzer #3    


138,154.  Michael Donovan is still being held at Halifax police station.  He’s been arrested on suspicion of kidnap and false imprisonment.  He has implicated Karen Matthews.  (Kidnap & Disappearance)  ibid.